High school admission 2024. Admission hierarchy, published on edu.ro

The Ministry of Education has published the hierarchy at the county level and at the Bucharest level of the eighth grade graduates who took the 2024 National Assessment exam.

The overall grade point average of grades V-VIII separates the students. Photo source: archive

According to the Ministry of Education, the hierarchy has an indicative character and is distinct from the computerized distribution. The announcement was published on the Ministry’s Facebook page. All information can be found on the admitere.edu.ro website.

The high school admission hierarchy contains the list of secondary school graduates who took the National Assessment, ordered by the high school admission average – which is the average of the exam grades – and taking into account several tie-breaking criteria in the case of candidates with equal averages. The first criterion that is taken into account is the general average of grades V-VIII, for the first time this year.

Filling in high school registration forms starts tomorrow

The completion of the options in the registration forms by the graduates of the VIIIth grade and by their parents is done starting tomorrow, more precisely during the period 11-12 and 15-22 July 2024, according to the 2024 high school admission calendar.

High school enrollment calendar 2024. What students and parents need to know

High school registrations begin on July 11, and the computerized distribution of candidates takes place on July 24. Here is the full registration calendar:

July 11 – 12, 15 – 19: Entering the data from the registration forms into the computerized database (in the centralized IT application);

July 11 – 12, 15 – 19: Verification by parents and candidates of the correctness of the data in the computer file listed, correction of any mistakes in the computer database and listing of the corrected computer files, operations that will be carried out using the centralized IT application;

July 22: The deadline for the transmission of the database from the registration centers to the Bucharest county/municipality admission center, as well as the list of graduates who do not participate in the computerized distribution, by confirming the specific operations in the centralized IT application.

July 22: Delivery/transmission by the commission from the enrollment center of the original option sheets to the county/municipality admission center;

July 22: Transmission of the database from the county/municipality admission centers to the National Admission Center by confirming, by them, the completion of specific operations, in the centralized IT application;

July 23: Verification and correction of possible errors in the databases, such as candidates in the database for computerized admission and who have already been admitted to high schools where aptitude tests are taken, etc., by the National Admission Commission and the selection committees county/municipality Bucharest admission; submitting the changes to the national commission;

July 23: Fix errors and confirm the end of changes in the centralized IT application;

July 24: Computerized distribution in high school education of VIIIth grade graduates who do not turn 18 by the start of classes for the 2024-2025 school year;

July 24: Communication of the results of the candidates assigned by computer in high school education and the display in the secondary education units of the list of unoccupied places in the high school education units in the county/municipality of Bucharest;

July 25 – 30: Submission of enrollment files to the schools to which the candidates have been assigned;

July 30: Transmission by high school education units of the situation of places left vacant following the non-enrollment of candidates admitted in this admission stage;

July 31 – August 2: Resolution by the county/municipality admission commission of Bucharest, of special situations arising after the computerized distribution stage: