Death traps in the Black Sea: why sinkholes with a depth of up to 12 meters appeared: “Whirls can be created”

After the widening of the beaches, the underwater relief on the shore is in a continuous process of change, environmental engineers warn. Pits up to 12 meters deep appeared. A 23-year-old man was found dead in such a pit, in Neptun.

Such pits are also in Mamaia. Photo: pixabay (Archive)

Divers from ISU Dobrogea found the body of the young man, who was from Mangalia, on Wednesday, July 10, after 12 hours of searching. He was in a hole with a depth of three meters, in close proximity to the shore.

There were a lot of potholes and we had to take each pothole separately”said Marian Ciulei, ISU Dobrogea, according to ProTV News.

According to divers, the pits have led to the formation of extremely dangerous currents.

It is useless to swim against the current because the current is usually much stronger. He will have to allow himself to be somewhat guided by the current, to stay on the surface as much as possible, not to panic”said Pascale Roibu, diver.

A woman also testified that “the sea pulls you dizzy“: “I felt it on my own skin. I only went in up to my knees, the currents are very strong and the sea pulls you dizzy. You don’t even realize now you’re at the shore, in 20-30 seconds you’re behind the buoy“.

Such pits are also in Mamaia, where they are approximately three meters deep, and in Eforie they reach up to seven meters deep.

These pits act like dykes, they radically change the flow of currents in their area. Vortices and other unpleasant phenomena can be created. It will be decades before a normal profile is reached”, said Răzvan Mateescu, INCDM marine expert.