How arthritis and arthrosis can be prevented and treated. The natural recommendations of a nutritionist

Health specialist Luminița Catană explains for “Adevărul” readers what arthritis and arthrosis are, what are the symptoms, causes and especially what natural treatments can be followed.

Many people have problems with their joints PHOTO

Luminita Catană says that arthritis is a word that we recognize as soon as we hear it and that makes us think of joint pain, but we must know that under these symptoms over a hundred conditions are hidden.

These ailments are from several spectrums, but they have in common that they affect the bones, ligaments and joints, and because they have similar symptoms: joint pain and stiffness.

We learn that arthritis is inflammation of the joints, and there are over a hundred different forms of arthritis and related conditions.

Rheumatoid arthritis – which affects the synovial membranes that cover the joints – is the best known of this category.

Arthrosis is a form of arthritis – osteoarthritis – caused by inflammation and physiological wear and tear of articular cartilage. This cartilage is a slippery tissue that covers the ends of bones and supports joint movement. Over time, it thins until it disappears, and the bone surfaces come into direct contact, they practically rub against each other and the pain is very intense.

We most frequently encounter arthrosis in the joints of the hand, cervical region, knees – gonarthrosis – and hips – coxarthrosis, but it can occur in any type of joint in the body. It is a degenerative joint disease, not just an inflammatory one, which is associated over time with the deterioration of the joints as we age, but also favored and accelerated by a number of risk factors.

Nutritionist Luminița Catană tells us that the risk factors for arthritis and arthrosis can be found:

Gender – women have a greater predisposition to develop rheumatoid arthritis.

Genetic factors – family inheritance increases the risk of developing arthritis or arthrosis over time.

Body weight – extra pounds put pressure on the joints and diseases are much more common in obesity. But a weight below the limit is also a risk factor, because nutrients and their assimilation is deficient, and the joints need adequate nutrients.

Age – in the case of arthrosis, as you get older, the risk of arthrosis also increases, as it has a degenerative character.

Injuries – infections or traumas increase the degree of arthrosis.

Joint deformities – joints deformed following accidents or joint malformations accelerate the degradation of the joints in the body.

Occupation and sedentarism – sedentary people always have less functional joints, but those who do excesses also have this phenomenon – for example, performance athletes who put excessive pressure on their joints.

Symptoms in arthritis

Arthritis symptoms are: joint pain and stiffness, along with swelling of the joint, redness of the skin around the joints; limitation of joint movements; they can sometimes be accompanied by initial manifestations – sometimes fever or allergic reactions at the onset, especially in rheumatoid arthritis.

Symptoms in arthrosis are sometimes similar to those of arthritis: joint stiffness; tenderness around affected joints; reduced flexion of the joints, the appearance of osteophytes. As a diagnosis: the clinical examination of the patient, imaging examinations including X-rays and, if necessary, MRI, blood tests for the detection of inflammatory and infectious markers, analyzes of the synovial fluid – from the joint capsule, astroscopy.

Natural treatments and remedies

Drug therapies are required depending on the received diagnosis. But it is important to know that lifestyle is the most impactful in recovery. Physiotherapy, physical therapy, medical gymnastics, massages, alternative therapies – professionally performed bring benefits and maintain a quality of life. Adequate nutrition, a reduced consumption of gluten-based products, a moderate consumption of meat and dairy products reduce the level of inflammation in the body and implicitly reduce pain. Weight correction and physical movement, hydration are very important”, specifies Luminița Catănă.

At the same time, she adds that supplements, especially Omega 3, collagen-based products, healthy fats, bring extraordinary benefits.

Also, regular checks, vitamin D3 in balance keep these conditions under control and increase the quality of life.

The impact of essential oils, due to their anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect – for example lavender, frankincense, turmeric, copaiba, marjoram, creams based on natural oils and plant extracts, bee products, benefit joint health. Giving up smoking, alcohol, reducing abusive behavior towards one's own body are, from my point of view, a duty towards one's own body. Cherish life, cherish health because our health depends on the actions of each day”concludes the health specialist.