How Kamara was tricked at a charity event for his son. “We have to be careful about people”

The artist was disappointed with the result after being fooled that a lot of money was raised from donations and sponsorships.

Kamara and his son Leon PHOTO: archive

Kamara's 8-year-old son was born with a serious medical problem, spastic tetraparesis.

The child went through 8 operations, with expensive treatment, so the artist turned several times to charity events to raise the necessary money.

Kamara says one of the charity concerts will always stick in his memory.

Although a lot of money was collected from sponsorships and donations, the singer did not get possession of the sums. “There are many in this world who take advantage of charity events. There are many charity events, and some people either take advantage of the organization, to get something out of the way, or they simply don't give the money anymore. I experienced this with Leon at an event. The organizers came to me and said: «This is all the money». I said: Are you kidding me? I saw how many people there were and what happened”, Kamara confessed, for

Disappointed and at the same time amazed by the attitude of those people, Kamara revealed that he has learned his lesson and no longer trusts anyone: “I solved as much as could be solved then. I looked for some of the organizers who were not the ones who took the money to make up for the situation so as not to tarnish their names. It wasn't their fault, it was just that they were ahead. I believe that we always have to be careful about people who do things like this because there are many scammers in this world“.