The Americans know when Halep will receive the verdict from CAS. Date advanced by journalists across the Ocean

Hearings at the Lausanne Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in the case of Simona Halep ended on Friday evening, and the question on the lips of our player's fans is when the final verdict of the judges will be given.

Simona Halep hopes to return to the court as soon as possible. Photo EPA EFE

One piece of information comes from across the ocean, where the Romanian woman's trial has aroused quite a lot of interest. The Americans claim they have some information from people close to the CAS that the final verdict on the former world number 1 will come in late March or early April.

“Simona Halep would like to be able to play again until the Olympic Games in Paris, but everything depends on the verdict that TAS will give. According to rumors just a few minutes ago from people within the TAS, the final verdict should come between the end of March and the beginning of April.”
wrote the Americans from Tennis World USA.

Either at the ball or at the hospital

The same publication also claims that there will be no half measures in the case of the Romanian woman at TAS. American journalists estimate that the judges will maintain the 4-year suspension or cancel it altogether, even if in the tennis world there is talk of halving the sentence to 2 years, a situation in which Simona could return to the field starting in October.

For Halep, this is the final destination – either she will be acquitted and allowed to resume playing, or her four-year doping ban will be upheld. Given that Halep's ban began in October 2022, her four-year ban will run until October 2026. But since Halep is 32, upholding the four-year ban would very likely mean the end of her career.”Tennis World USA noted.

How long did it last in the case of Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova, the protagonist of the previous resounding doping case in tennis, followed the same steps that Simona Halep took now, addressing the Court of Lausanne after she was suspended for meldonium consumption. Heard on September 7 and 8, 2016, the Russian received the decision after about four weeks, on October 4. The CAS reduced his sentence from two years to fifteen months.