Huawei hosted the Seeds for the Future Grand Finale in China

Huawei hosted the Seeds for the Future Grand Finale in China for European students and announced a new edition of its talent cultivation program.

Victor Zhou and Emanuel Rusu at the Huawei Seeds for the Future local gala.

The Seeds For the Future program, initiated by Huawei, is a global educational program that attracts young IT&C enthusiasts from 139 countries. This initiative offers the opportunity to learn from international experts about the latest trends in the development of artificial intelligence, 5G applications, cloud computing, the green energy industry and public speaking skills.

The European Grand Final Seeds for the Future European Grand Finale, which lasted a week and brought together a select cohort of chosen Seeds for the Future students from nearly twenty European countries, culminated in a closing ceremony. Hosted by Huawei Europe, the event showcased the collective achievements of talented future ICT experts and leaders who had previously participated in the training programs organized in their countries.


Throughout the week, participants engaged in engaging sessions with technology experts, delved into the areas of connectivity and innovation, and contributed to insightful panel discussions on crucial topics such as diversity, green skills, and sustainability.

The climax of the event, the closing ceremony, had as its theme international cooperation as a cornerstone for creating a future for European talent.

“This experience I went through at the Seeds for the Future Grand Finale redefined me, shaping a new me, more wise and much richer in knowledge. I set off without much expectation and was pleasantly surprised to receive one of the prizes awarded. Herein lies the essence of this wonderful program: work without expecting rewards in return, for this is how true passion is revealed“, said Emanuel Rusu, the student from Romania, who received the award for “Critical Thinker”, and will be invited to join Huawei in July, in Rome, to share his Seed alumni experience with the new generation of participants in the 2024 edition.


In addition, Huawei revealed the launch of a scholarship program Seeds for the Future, designed to support talented ICT students in the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Cyprus. This initiative underscores the firm's commitment to nurturing exceptional talent.