MEP Corina Crețu is available to collaborate with PSD as needed in Romania's interest

The special envoy of AGERPRES, Luisiana Bîgea, conveyed that: MEP Corina Crețu expressed during a meeting with representatives of the media, her willingness to collaborate with PSD and to continue the activity in the interest of Romania, after resigning from Pro Romania , writes Agerpres.

Corina Creţu, former European Commissioner and current MEP PHOTO: Facebook Corina Creţu

“If PSD needs me, I will respond positively. First of all, because I would like to continue this experience that I have for the country. If not, surely everyone can survive. I would have liked an alliance, honestly, but at the moment this alliance is really not possible. (…) That there is no more place in Romanian politics is an enigma for me as well. This is life”said Corina Creţu.

The Romanian MEP recalled the collaboration between Pro Romania and PSD.

“We have always wanted a collaboration with PSD – both Victor Ponta and I. You can see our statements from the last two and a half years. Two and a half, three years ago, Mr. President Marcel Ciolacu sent a letter to the press in which he agreed that Pro Romania should enter the Party of European Socialists, because that's the rule: the oldest party must agree with the oldest party recently arrived (…) He was very open then. Our colleague who represents PSD in PES spoke very nicely that our place is in the family of European socialists. I am 29 years old since I have been a PSD member plus five years of Pro Romania. Basically, I grew up in politics. But there is probably life without politics. I do not know. I try to look in the mirror every morning and think that maybe I can do more and better. I am with a reconciled conscience”said MEP Corina Creţu.

Corina Crețu mentioned some of her achievements as a European commissioner, including attracting 8 billion euros in funds for Romania.

“My help was for the people, for their benefit and I am very proud that I left tangible things behind, for which even today I receive invitations to the inauguration as a result of my signatures. The only country where I have never received an invitation is my country. This is my frustration and my biggest pain, to be honest, because I go on Sebeş-Turda, but I don't think anyone knows that that highway was signed by me”mentioned Corina Creţu.

Corina Crețu met with representatives of the mass media from Romania, participants in the JTI Scholarships program for journalists, the only one of its kind in Romania that has been operating for 25 years. As part of the program, ten journalists visit European institutions in Brussels, NATO headquarters and other relevant actors in the public life of the EU.