Humanitas debate: The role and purpose of public monuments

The Humanitas publishing house invites all those interested, April 4, from 7:00 p.m., at the Humanitas Bookstore in Cișmigiu (Bld. Regina Elisabeta no. 38), to the debate “The role and purpose of public forum monuments”, starting from the inauguration of the group Lovinescu-Ierunca statue, on the occasion of the Monica Lovinescu Centenary.

The debate will be attended by Ioana Beldiman, art historian, Virgil Scripcariu, sculptor, Nicorel Nicorescu, general councilor at Bucharest City Hall, and Gabriel Liiceanu, initiator of the Monica Lovinescu Centenary Year and president of the Humanitas Foundation. The moderator of the meeting will be the journalist Cristian Leonte.

Access is free, subject to availability, based on a reservation through Eventbook.