Why are the main candidates for the Capital City Hall only selling empty words to the people of Bucharest | ANALYZE

The candidates who have a real chance of winning the City Hall of the Capital present to the citizens of Bucharest a rather empty speech and not the solutions that people expect. Analysts attribute the approach to the electoral moment in which we find ourselves, in which they build a public profile of a candidate.

The candidates listed in the first places are already competing in actions with an electoral basis PHOTO Mediafax/Coolaj

The latest opinion polls placed Nicuşor Dan, supported by the United Right Alliance, Cristian Popescu Piedone, supported by the PPUL (party founded by Dan Voiculescu), and Cǎtǎlin Cîrstoiu, recently entered, in the first three places in the voting intention of the citizens of Bucharest. running as a candidate of the PSD-PNL Alliance.

In preparation for the election campaign, the three had, at the end of the week, several public appearances, either in Bucharest or on television.

Messages to the electorate, devoid of substance

Cǎtǎlin Cîrstoiu, the PSD-PNL candidate, went, on Saturday, to the Bazilescu park, together with the teams of the two parties. He criticized Clotilde Armand and Nicusor Dan, accusing them of not knowing how to communicate with citizens and talked about pollution. He did not forgive Piedone either, whom he slapped on the cheek for the lack of support at the University Hospital.

Older in the political struggle, among the residents of sector 5, with the icon, the Bible and the accordion, Piedone promised that the first project he would complete as mayor would be the Ghencea Extension. Later, he also appeared on TV, where he launched attacks on the counter-candidates and admitted that he hired his relatives in the city hall.

Advantaged by the current mandate, Nicușor Dan associates himself with projects that concern the Capital, even if not all of them are his exclusive merit. In public appearances, he avoided rudely attacking his opponents, about Cîrstoiu summing up to say that he has too little time at his disposal to make a good plan for Bucharest, while regarding Piedone he declared reserved that he will remain in the race .

From the public statements of the three, it is noted that, at this electoral moment, they avoid addressing concrete problems with concrete solutions regarding the future of the Capital.

What the specialists say

Contacted by “Adevǎrul”, analyst Radu Delicote is of the opinion that each of the three candidates occupies a niche, not only electorally, but also for image.

I don't necessarily see a classic presentation of the agenda of the citizens of Bucharest, in the sense of solutions applied in area X or Y, but rather I see a kind of activity report that the candidates present as a form of candidacy or campaign business card. In other words, they present themselves according to the idea «if I managed to do these things, I am able to run the General City Hall or I am worthy of your vote“, claims Delicote.

For his part, political analyst George Jiglǎu claims that he did not reach “that phase of the electoral competition in which to arrive very concretely at solutions and proposals about which we can then ascertain if they are good, if they are missing, if they should be and are not”.

There is still a period of getting to know the candidates, we are only now in the process of collecting signatures, the candidacies will be formalized, formalized immediately and only then will we know exactly who we are dealing with, and all three, and all the others will have to to enter the logic of a candidate from whom we expect more than getting to know each other”specifies Jiglǎu.

Candidate Profile

Regarding the profile of the three main candidates, analysts are of the opinion that each has an asset. In the case of Cristian Popescu Piedone, he already has public notoriety and is trying to sell the image of a thrifty mayor, claims George Jiglǎu. And for Nicuşor Dan, the mandate in office is an advantage, says the analyst, noting that this “trying to position itself as a kind of “both thrifty and civilized”, a kind of the best package of what both Cîrstoiu and Piedone offer” and to promote the idea of ​​continuity.

As for Cǎtǎlin Cîrstoiu, the specialist believes that his goal, at the moment, is to make himself known as a politician.

“Only after that I think the time should come when Mr. Cîrstoiu starts coming up with concrete ideas, beyond the broad lines he announced and which I think are somehow common sense when it comes to a candidacy for a mayor's office. It's just that the people of Bucharest think they are waiting for some concrete solutions. Concrete proposals for concrete problems, and then these should follow as soon as possible”explains Jiglǎu.