Ilie Năstase opened “Pandora's box”: Americans are “boiling” after his statement about Serena Williams

Simona Halep's doping case caused shock waves in the United States as well. Because, at one point, even Patrick Mouratoglou (53 years old) hinted that doping is widespread in the world of tennis. It's just that, in the case of some, the use of prohibited substances is overlooked. Or tucked under the rug, in the form of “legal doping“. At the time, Adevărul explained, at length, what Mouratoglou was referring to. And the Frenchman's enigmatic statement also targeted Serena Williams (42 years old).

Serena Williams – Ilie Nastase

Now, the same Halep case brings back into question the use of banned substances by the legendary player from the United States. Because, last week, during the TAS hearings, Ilie Năstase (77 years old), in his characteristic style, dropped a bombshell statement. He hinted that Serena also received banned substances from the Mouratoglou Academy. It should be noted that Serena and Patrick worked together for a decade (2012-2022).

I think they also included Serena Williams and others (No. Mouratoglou's staff). If he gave it to Simona (no – the supplement contaminated with the banned substance), he certainly gave it to the other players he worked with. I think so, I don't think Simona Halep is the first to receive this from Mouratoglou“, said “Nasty”, in dialogue with Orange Sport.

Now, this particularly serious statement by the Romanian has also reached the United States. And it outraged Americans, as expected. According to Eurosport, the journalists from Tennis365 noted how Ilie Năstase also involves Serena Williams in this doping case, with Simona Halep in the foreground.

The former world number 1 drags Serena Williams into Simona Halep's doping scandal. The controversial former tennis player suggested that the US sports legend may have taken the same banned substance“, wrote the journalists from the USA.