INSCOP survey: Dragobete or Valentine's Day? What Romanians prefer in 2024

More than half of Romanians are used to celebrating Valentine's Day or Dragobetele, according to an opinion poll conducted by INSCOP Research commissioned by, in January 2024. Some even prefer to celebrate love on both festive days.

More Romanians choose to celebrate Dragobete PHOTO Shutterstock

The survey methodology involved data collection between January 16 and 24, 2024, using interviews through a questionnaire.

The data were obtained by the CATI method (telephone interviews), with a representative sample of 1100 people, stratified by significant socio-demographic categories (sex, age, occupation) for the non-institutionalized population of Romania, aged 18 and over.

The maximum allowed error of the data is ± 2.95%, at a confidence level of 95%.

Over 40% of Romanians do not celebrate at all

Asked whether they usually celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14 or Dragobetele on February 24, the results show that 17.6% of respondents prefer celebrating Valentine's Day, while 26.3% choose Dragobetele.

Also, 14.5% of them stated that they celebrate any of them, depending on availability or schedule.

On the other hand, 41.3% of the participants indicated that they do not celebrate any of these days, thus expressing a neutral position towards the two holidays.

A small percentage, 0.3%, could not answer or did not know how to pronounce.

In the context of these results, the celebration of love, but also of local traditions, remain essential aspects of cultural identity. The graphic presentation of the survey can be downloaded at: