Jimmy Connors, twisted statements about Halep: what he actually said and what reached Romania AUDIO

Pack journalism“It's a common phenomenon in the Romanian press. And the sports sites periodically offer us examples in this sense. As it happened, for example, in 2022, when the famous handball coach, Kim Rasmussen, was “SENT” in North Korea, as the Truth has shown here. In fact, the man had been appointed as a coach in South Korea!

Jimmy Connors, a living legend of world tennis

Now, the Halep case gives birth to a similar situation. Because this morning several sites picked up a story saying that Jimmy Connors' son – whose name isn't even mentioned! – commented on the Halep case and concluded that “cheaters always get away“.

“Adevărul” looked for the podcast from which this news started. “Advantage Connors” is a well-known podcast in the tennis world. And the episode where the legendary Jimmy Connors and his son Brett commented on the Halep case can be heard here, the dialogue starting at minute 23.

In the lines below, “The Truth” provides the transcript of the Jimmy Connors – Brett Connors dialogue. The statements of the two have nothing to do with the idea that appeared in our media.

Podcast jpg

*Brett Connors: Did you see the news about Halep?

*Jimmy Connors: I saw.

*Brett Connors: Former WTA leader, Grand Slam winner…

*Jimmy Connors: Yes Yes

*Brett Connors: She had her suspension to deal with, I think it was a 3 year suspension (no – it was 4 years actually). I think her supplement was contaminated, Mouratoglou's team gave her something, blah, blah, blah… Finally, her appeal was judged and followed what actually happens to any tennis player who is suspended and does call. Either it's a reduced suspension or it's deleted altogether.

*Jimmy Connors: That's right…

*Brett Connors: So I want to get your opinion on this case, especially since we are Halep fans here and we have talked about this case in the past.

*Jimmy Connors: That's right. Everyone rushes in such moments to have some conclusions. Exactly as happened with the story of Rublev's disqualification about two weeks ago (no – in Dubai because of swearing in Russian). Returning to Halep, is it a singular case? I mean, who else are they testing? Who else are they trying to track down? How do we do it? Do we go from player to player or test everyone? I don't know what the rules are. But I will say one thing: I go back to 1991, when I was playing matches at the US Open, at the age of 39. And I had to stay there for three hours to give the urine sample after the matches. And they were probably thinking: <<This man is 39 years old and plays here! Ah, it's clear! take something>>. What the hell? I mean, is it that hard to believe someone is in shape? That he is motivated, that he makes sacrifices, that he is ambitious, disciplined and wants to be as fit at 39 as he was at 25. Is this so hard to believe? What the hell!

*Brett Connors: But you know what they say: that cheaters are always one step ahead of the tests. I mean, if you look at the entire history of tennis, the number of people who have tested positive for doping is small. And what's more, the stars who have tested positive are even fewer!

*Jimmy Connors: But Halep is among the biggest names in women's tennis today…

*Brett Connors: That's right. She's among the top players. There was also Sharapova before her.

*Jimmy Connors: Yes. But they caught Sharapova when her career was kind of over, anyway.

*Brett Connors: Exact! So you're telling me that in this whole sport, which is tennis, with all the tests they do and so on, it's just these few low-level players who cheat? I mean, doping, such a widespread issue in football, basketball, baseball, is such an isolated issue in tennis?!

*Jimmy Connors: I don't want to make rash statements, but tennis has become an Olympic sport, right?

*Brett Connors: That's right.

*Brett Connors: But you know what I thought was funny. That Mouratoglou came and said that he and his team did something wrong because this thing happened with Halep. But watch out: he's coaching now! He returned to Holger Rune's staff. And I saw that someone had tweeted Rune: <<Make sure Mouratoglou doesn't touch your drinks!>>. And Rune answered! He wrote: <<Relax. My mother takes care of this thing>>. Of course, in the case of Halep, Mouratoglou took responsibility, but in reality this story did not affect him at all. This while Halep had to sit on the bench for a year and a half and her reputation was tarnished. And Mouratoglou found another player to train.

*Jimmy Connors: I'm interested to see how this story has affected Halep. Especially since she was on the hook for a long time and was also mentally affected. I'm waiting to see how he gets back on the circuit. She must be very motivated now. He wants revenge after everything that happened to him.

*Brett Connors: Yes. Too bad he couldn't make it to the Indian Wells tournament, but they gave him a wild card for Miami. So she will play in a maximum of ten days and we will be able to see her on the field. Which is very good.

*Jimmy Connors: It will be very interesting. Halep trained. But training is no substitute for matches. No matter what you do in practice, it's the matches that count. She stayed on the phone for quite some time. So he may need some time to come back. Honestly, I wish he would do well from the start, get settled right away. It will be very interesting to watch her, to see her desire to succeed, to return to the top.

*Brett Connors: I've always been a fan of Simona Halep, so I can't wait to see her return. And I hope she continues her career and gets out of the circuit, as she wants. I don't want him to have this doping thing on his head.