The huge amount that a Romanian student pays for a 27 sqm room in the Netherlands

A student from Romania told how much money he pays for a studio apartment and how hard it was for him to find a home.

Cristian Iacov studies in Holland PHOTO:

Cristian Iacov, 21 years old, studies economics at a college in Amsterdam. He struggled to find a place to rent in a student complex, the prices being exorbitant.

He occupies a 27 sqm studio apartment, for which he pays 1,054 euros, with all costs included.

He has two desks in the room, one he uses as a table, and a small bed.

The chair rotates from table to table depending on the time of day“, says the student.



He claims that the kitchen is an unused space. Cristian also said that when he came to the Netherlands, he looked at 30 houses before he rented the studio where he lives now and from which he wants to leave. “It seems like a lot for a student. I shop when there are offers, that's how I try to save money”, said the student, according to

Her parents pay her living expenses in full, because her busy college schedule doesn't allow her to get a job.