Laurette spoke about her relationship with Ion Țiriac: “It was nice on the private plane, you would get off, he would take you by car with a driver”

Laurette told, for the first time, about her relationship with Ion Ţiriac, in Viorel Grigoroiu's “Tare de tot” podcast, informs Click!.

For the first time, Laurette spoke about her relationship with Ion Ţiriac

Laurette Atindehou is now 40 years old and was, in turn, a successful model in the capital and an assistant to Adriana Bahmuțeanu on the show she produced, the two poses propelling her into the glittering world of stars and increasing her notoriety. Like all beautiful girls who became public figures, she also became, over time, the protagonist of some controversies that kept the front page of worldly publications. One of these was related to her relationship with Ion Ţiriac.

The first time the beautiful mulatto and the former great tennis player were caught together in 2016, at the beach, even by the paparazzi Click! While the newspapers constantly published information about the luxury cars in which she was seen and which she changed like socks, as well as about the gifts of thousands of euros that the billionaire gave her, Laurette refused to give details or answer questions journalists.

And during the relationship with the billionaire, but also many years after, she kept silent about this subject, being discreet, as she confesses, out of respect for the former great tennis player. The only information he confirmed about the help or gifts he received from Ion Ţiriac was when he offered him a car from his fleet for filming a video.

Now, after so many years since the relationship with the businessman ended, as a guest on Viorel Grigoroiu's podcast, Laurette admitted that Ion Țiriac pampered her like a queen during their relationship and revealed some secrets from the couple's intimacy.

“With Șiriac I felt like the queen of queens!”

Laurette confessed that the relationship with the famous tennis player was a very special one and that, despite the fact that he has also formed a couple with other famous millionaires, “Tiri” occupies a special place in his soul. That's also because it made her really feel like the “queen of queens”.

“We have had relationships with famous millionaires from our country. Tiri, that's what I call it, will stay there in my heart, in my soul. I haven't really talked like that lately. (…) It was nice with the private plane, you got off, you got a chauffeured car. It's very difficult to access: you have to be beautiful, smart, know how to talk, know how to keep quiet when you have to, have a sense of humor. Business people are very stressed and you have to know how to be pleasant, to be jovial. With Țiriac I felt like the queen of queens! If I wasn't special and special, would Mr. Țiri still look at me? What if I wasn't beautiful and smart?”she stated.

“If I was honest, it didn't end…”

When asked if it was true that the rift between them occurred as a result of the fact that she was the one who betrayed the trust, Laurette admitted that it was her fault.

“From there I was fired… It was a dream that came true, but it was my mistake, I admit for the first time. It was my mistake, because I should have been much more I was wrong, yes! I had to say this, I am, look like this, like this… That's where it hit me. It was a third person. If I was honest, it didn't end. No, I didn't play double ends. But I didn't tell the truth, for fear of losing that person. But it wasn't good, sorry! But I can say now that I played at the highest level”Laurette confessed.

About former relationships, in the presence of the current lover

Laurette came to Viorel Grigoroiu's podcast accompanied by her current boyfriend, former football player of Dinamo, Magaye Gueye (33 years old). She did not shy away from talking about her past relationships in the presence of the footballer, with whom she currently lives in Paris.

“Nowadays, it is more complicated to find a man with whom you are on the same wavelength and have the same future plans. Not everything is perfect, but when you go through harder times, then you see what the person next to you is like, if they really love you. We broke up a couple of times, but in the end we are still together. I knew him before coming to Romania. He had hooked me up in Paris, in a club. I changed phone numbers. Then there was something fugitive. The connection was lost. We only started the relationship when he came to Romania, to Dinamo. We have been together for 4 years, he proposed to me several times. The first time I refused him. I don't know if I'll get married again! We can do it tomorrow too, but I don't feel like sharing anymore, divorce”, Laurette said of her current romantic relationship.

She married Ciprian Nistor at the Jilava Penitentiary

Laurette also spoke about her short marriage to millionaire Ciprian Nistor, which took place in Jilava Penitentiary, where the businessman was serving a 15-year sentence, having been convicted of tax evasion. However, the man asked her for a divorce after only one year and four months of marriage. “I was married to a millionaire. We are in an ok relationship now. I was left with a house from him. I went happily with my ex and signed the divorce. If I stayed, I might be a millionaire now. He asked me for a divorce.” the star also said.

Laurette Attindehou has not been afraid to admit that she has a tumultuous love past. The former TV assistant also had a relationship with businessman Mihai Ștefan, with whom she has a daughter, Serena Luce Maria (13 years old).