New support measures for transporters and farmers

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu announced at the beginning of the Government meeting, on Thursday, an aid of 600 million lei for farmers. In the case of transporters, half of the increase in diesel excise would be refunded.

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“The Minister of Agriculture has come up with new measures to support Romanian farmers. We are allocating almost 600 million lei for tomato, potato and garlic growers. We need to increase Romanian production and I encourage the minister to continue with such solutions”, said Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu

The Head of Government also announced another measure aimed at helping transporters. “We continue with the commitments to the carriers. After we managed to reduce the prices of RCA policies, we will decide to compensate for the increase in the excise duty on diesel”, explained the prime minister.

According to the Prime Minister, “The government will refund to road transport operators licensed in Romania half of the increase in diesel excise duty”.

“More than 4 thousand carriers will benefit from this support by the end of the year”Marcel Ciolacu also informed.

The executive led by Marcel Ciolacu also announced the unblocking of 2,226 positions in health and social assistance in the territory, the largest number being of medical assistants (746) and doctors (706).

The reduction in the price of agricultural land

In January, the Government led by Marcel Ciolacu adopted several decisions that consider money for farmers, from support for cattle breeders to subsidizing the excise duty on diesel fuel used in agriculture.

At the same time, the Government decided for the year 2024, the reduced excise duty rate for diesel fuel used to carry out mechanized works in agriculture in the plant, animal husbandry and land improvement sectors is 104.47 lei/1000 liters and represents the conversion from euro to lei of the minimum tax rate of 21 euros/1,000 liters calculated at the exchange rate of the euro currency published in the Official Journal of the European Union on the first working day of October 2023, respectively from October 2, 2023, of 4.9748 lei for 1 euro.