Liberals’ reaction to PSD’s ultimatum regarding the presidential elections. Rareș Bogdan: The dates proposed by PNL are November 10 and 24

The first vice-president of the PNL, Rareş Bogdan, declared on Tuesday that the party could reach an agreement with the coalition partners from the PSD, on an intermediate date regarding the presidential elections, but that they want the constitutional dates of November 10 and 24.

Rareș Bogdan: We have the best presidential candidate profile Photo: Archive

We believe that August is a month in which it is extremely difficult to find Romanian citizens preoccupied with issues related to the presidential elections, and the months of October – November would be the most suitable for this. (…) Those from the PSD supported the September 15-29 version, using a so-called agreement between parties that are members of the ruling coalition. Of course there was a discussion, but this discussion in March had two components that were omitted from being presented in the public space: the common list at the European Parliament should have exceeded 50%, it had only 48%, and in the context of March, we were talking about a joint list for female parliamentarians and also a joint candidate, that is, a tandem of president and prime minister.

The two parties that met in Poiana Brașov and Sâmbata de Sus 10 days ago decided that the parties should go with their own candidate in the presidential elections, so basically the agreement reached in March fell through, each of the parties wanting to- and supports his own candidacy in the elections. So, from our point of view, the respective proposal is as duke and we believe extremely seriously that these elections must be organized on the constitutional term, in November, as is as natural as possible“, declared the first vice-president of the PNL.

Rareş Bogdan stated that there was only a discussion related to the two dates of September 15 and 29, and that the Minister of the Interior will return to the country on Thursday and the PNL will see what the proposals sent to the MAI suggest.

There was only one discussion related to 15-29, there was no other discussion. We proposed at the meeting we had last week, to start on Friday morning, to possibly go on an intermediate date that we can mutually agree on, taking into account the issues related to the school, because we learned from the organization of the European Parliament elections with local and sure that depending on these things we have to make a decision. So there was only 15-29, and there you must know that there were some conditionalities, the PSD came for the first time with the date of September 1, for the organization of combined elections, respectively with the common list for the European Parliament, things that the PNL finally , after debates that lasted for days, he accepted them after consulting all the heads of branches.

Related to Mr. Cătălin Predoiu, the liberal Minister of the Interior, he is in Austria, where issues related to migration and the Scenghen space are being discussed, and he will return on Thursday, and we will see if the proposals that would be sent to the MAI provide for this date of the 29th or the 15th”, said the first vice-president of the PNL, when asked about the ultimatum given to the spokesperson of the PSD, Lucian Romașcanu, as the Minister of the Interior Cătălin Predoiu, if he will present the government decision by Friday:

Asked what the dates proposed by the PNL are, Rareș Bogdan answered: “Constitutional data. The dates proposed by PNL are November 10 and 24“.

Rareş Bogdan stated that the PSD proposed September 15 or 29 as dates,

The arguments were the discussion we had in March, but which had the two variables: 50% plus one on the list, respectively candidacy in tandem for the presidential elections after we see the results. The votes showed us that there was a difference between the cumulative scores of the two parties, PNL and PSD, and the MEP list, PNL took almost 32%, 2.5 million votes, PSD almost 36%, 2.9 million of votes, and the joint list was only 4.8 million“, stated Rareș Bogdan, when asked what were PSD’s arguments for not accepting the version proposed by PNL.

Rareș Bogdan: The goal of the coalition has been achieved

The first vice-president of the PNL added that “the goal of the coalition was achieved because we managed to bring half plus one of the MEPs to the European Parliament. Which is very important. We took 19 MEPs out of 34. So the palpable result was achieved with two more”.

Asked about the statements of the social democrats, regarding the discussions of recalibrating the date for the presidential elections is caused by the fact that a PNL candidate would not have the chance to enter the second round of the presidential elections if the elections were organized according to the initial agreement , Rareş Bogdan, answered: “It is an argumentation and an idea thrown into public space, at least inelegant. There is no problem, because we do not make elections for parties and people. We make elections for the citizens of Romania and for what Romania represents from the point of view of stability and from the point of view of external relations”.

Asked about the internal estimates, how many more votes Nicolae Ciucă needs to enter a second round, the first vice-president of the PNL answered: “We have 2.5 million voters, this is the primary electoral pool that the president of the PNL, the presidential candidate, has as a target for the first round“. “At the moment we do not have a problem considering that an election campaign is starting. We will make arguments. We have the best presidential candidate profile by a long shot. A man who knows international relations, a good strategist, a tactician, an extremely balanced, rational man, a man who respects his word and who is the only case in which he promised to retire voluntarily, just to make room for a colleague of the coalition and he did this although almost all analysts, commentators did not believe that a politician in Romania would succeed in doing this, this man did this matter. And in the current geopolitical context and in the situation in which Romania is today, we believe that Nicolae Ciucă will succeed without problems in convincing the Romanians“, added Rareş Bogdan.

The PSD and PNL leaders met on Tuesday, to definitively determine the date on which the presidential elections will take place.