Lidia Buble revealed that she has several sources of income and not only music brings her a lot of money: “This is what I live for”

One of the most beloved and popular artists in Romania, Lidia Buble gave an interview to, in which she spoke very openly about her life, confessing that she has several sources of income and that, although she has millions of fans, those they don't earn more money from music.

Lidia Buble, archive photo

Having reached the age of 30, the singer spoke about how she entered the artistic world under the guidance of Adrian Sînă, with the songs “Kamelia” and “We feel the same way”. Concerts all over the country immediately followed and then, within just a few years, he released hit after hit.

He came to the attention of the public and the media not only because of his musical career, but also the relationship he had at one point with the presenter Răzvan Simion. She also participated in several television shows, including “Asia Express” from Antena 1 and “I'm famous, take me out of here” from Pro TV.

Now that she has millions of fans, Lidia Buble admits that popularity is what allows her to have more sources of income and says that, however, most of her money does not come from music, although artists can earn very well both from broadcasts on the radio as well as from concerts.

“If you write that song, we're talking about melodic lines and lyrics, then you can earn pretty well from radio airplay as well. Of course, I really want my songs to be played on the radio, because I want to reach as many souls as possible. But if my song didn't come on the radio, I don't get depressed. I'm not desperate, no; all artists want to be on the radio, we must be hypocrites not to admit these things”.

Analyzing her financial situation, Lidia Buble revealed that she believes that the most money an artist can make is from image contracts.

“But I still think that the most money an artist can make is from image contracts, and that's because I've had them and I know what they mean. And from concerts. This is what I live for.” the star also said.

Until she became famous, Lidia Buble lived in Deva, where she took care of five children.

“I took care of five children in Deva. And when I came to Bucharest, I also took care of a little girl, I had to support myself somehow. Now I'm a car sales manager, but I also sing. I've been doing this since I was 4 years old and I first sang in the children's choir, then in the junior and adult church choir. This is what I wanted to do in life”, said Lidia Buble years ago.

When she arrived in Bucharest, the artist was also a nanny for the daughters of a well-known politician, Cristian Olteanu, who was part of the PNL for years.

“I collaborated very well with Lidia Buble. I have nothing to complain about. It was flawless. It's true that this was her first job, as far as I know, when she came to Bucharest, but I think she didn't even stay for a year. I don't have a very good memory now. I think it was a few months ago. I didn't keep in touch with Lidia after that. The agreement was for a fixed term. But I can say that I was satisfied with her and that I have nothing to complain about.” said the politician about Lidia Buble for