CFR and Craiova lui Rotaru, major decisions: they chose their new coaches after a missed season

After 9 years of waiting, FCSB has “KILLED” this championship, and winning the title is already a formality that can be fulfilled after the 6th stage of the play-off. So, with the 1st place awarded to a large extent by the team from Berceni, the rivals from Bucharest are now licking theirWOUNDS“. Especially since the fact that we had an even weaker Superliga than usual also contributed to FCSB's triumph, in which, with the exception of the formation sponsored by Gigi Becali, the rest of the contenders for the title kept stumbling.

Dan Petrescu. PHOTO:

In this context, both CFR Cluj and Craiova University are already preparing for the 2024-2025 season. And they just clapped hands with their new coaches. According to, the group led by Mihai Rotaru will be trained by Costel Gâlcă (52 years old). He returns to the bench, after parting with Radomiak Radom from Poland in November 2023. Gâlcă won three trophies, as a coach, with Steaua: the title, the Romanian Cup and the League Cup, all in 2014-2015.

Dan Petrescu (56 years old), recently released by Jeonbuk (South Korea), the team he left in last place in the K-League, is also returning to our Super League. At CFR Cluj, where he was on the bench in three mandates (2017-2018, 2019-2020, 2021-2023). The balance sheet of “Great Dan” in Gruia includes four titles (2017-2018, 2018-2019, 2019-2020 and 2021-2022). In addition, Petrescu also had several successful seasons with Cluj in European competitions. The return of “Great Dan” in Cluj it was confirmed by the boss Nelutu Varga, in the Fanatik Superliga.

What did Varga, the boss of CFR Cluj, say?

*I clapped with Dan Petrescu! The negotiations lasted very little, and we have a special relationship of respect and friendship. Dan Petrescu has already signed a three-year contract with CFR Cluj, but starting in the summer. He wants to rest. During this period he did not want to take over the team.

*Now we want to draw up a strategy that will help us be champions next season. We are very, very happy that the “title coach” is back home, that is, here in Cluj, and we are sure that we will have the same performances that we have always had with this formidable technician. Yes, I can officially confirm, Dan Petrescu has been at CFR Cluj since the summer.

Play-off, 4th stage


University of Craiova – Farul 1-2


CFR Cluj – FCSB 0-1


Rapid – Sepsi 20.30


1. FCSB 44 points

2. CFR Cluj 31p*

3. University of Craiova 31p*

4. Constanta Lighthouse 29p*

5. Fast 28p*

6. Sepsis 24p*

*teams that benefited from rounding up the score.

**The 1st place in the play-off participates in the Champions League, and the 2nd and 3rd place in the play-off in the Europa Conference League. The 3rd place in the play-off will play a play-off with the winner of the play-off between the 1st and 2nd places in the play-out for a place in the Europa Conference League.

Play-out, 4th stage


UTA – Hermannstadt 1-3


Volunteers – Oțelul Galati 1-1

Cluj University – Petrolul 1-2


Botoșani – FC U Craiova 4-1

Dinamo – Poli Iasi 1-0


1. Hermannstadt 27p

2. Steel 27p

3. UTA 27 points

4. U Cluj 26p

5. Petrol 25p*

6. Volunteers 21p

7. Dynamo 19p*

8. Poli Iasi 18p*

9. Botoșani 17p

10. FCU Craiova 17p*

*teams that benefited from rounding up the score.

**The 3rd place in the play-off will play a play-off with the winner of the play-off between the 1st and 2nd places in the play-out for a place in the Europa Conference League. The 9th and 10th places in the play-out are relegated directly. The relegable places 7/8 in the play-out play a play-off with the places 3/4 in League 2.