Local election results 2024. Earthquake in USR. Cătălin Drula leaves the leadership of the party

Cătălin Drula, president of USR, announced that he will call elections for the leadership of the party, after the results of the 2024 local elections were known.

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I gave all my skill”he said in a press statement.

The election result is below our expectations. (…) For me, throughout my life, the assumption was a basic principle. I assume this resultDrula continued.

The head of USR also said that he is not leaving the party, but that he will call elections as soon as possible. Moreover, he indicated the re-elected mayor of Timisoara, Dominic Fritz, as one of the leaders who “I can take this build further.”

“I accept this result and will call elections for a new president in the USR as soon as possible. We have strong people and leaders who can take this construction forward. And I am thinking here of Dominic Fritz, a man who decisively won the vote in Timișoara and showed that PSD and PNL can be defeated. It is very important that the USR continues, because in this construction the hopes for the modernization of Romania have been placed”, Drula said.

“It's very important to have a reset”

The head of the USR insisted on the fact that the local and European parliamentary elections on Sunday, June 9, 2024, also brought good results for the USR. “Hell ain't that black” said Drula, nevertheless “it is very important to have a reset, to move forward with fresh energies and to attack the very important presidential and parliamentary elections with a new breath and with optimism”, added Cătălin Drula.

The head of USR reviewed the localities where USR achieved good and very good results, starting with Bucharest, where Alianța Dreapta Unită supported Nicușor Dan, and continuing with Timișoara, Câmpulung, two town halls from Argeș, six town halls from Bacău, the city of Râșnov, the locality of Corbeanca, four town halls from Sibiu, Milișăuți and Intorsura Buzăului – regained, four town halls from Timiș (which are added to Timişoara and the neighboring commune, Dumbrăvița).

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