Local election results 2024. Scandal before the Central Electoral Bureau in Craiova. Two people arrived at the hospital

Spirits were heated at the Central Electoral Office in Craiova. Several people got stuck after losing patience waiting to hand over the ballot bags, according to digi24. After the incident, several people were hurt and needed medical attention. Of these, two were transported to the hospital.

In many polling stations the counting of votes has not yet been completed. Photo source: archive

People are unhappy and say they have been waiting in line for more than 10 hours, in hellish heat and after a white night spent in the polling stations.

In Dolj County, only 150 polling stations out of 1,000 were able to submit the ballot bags to the Central Electoral Office. The reason for this delay? Many of the minutes were filled in incorrectly and had to be redone, the representatives of the prefecture explained. Several people were hurt and an ambulance was needed. Two people were taken to the hospital after one of them got into a fight with other members of the commissions to get to handing in the ballots faster. He got sick and was taken to the hospital.

And in sector 2 of the Capital, he stayed for hours to hand over the minutes from the polling stations. Furthermore, a ward president required medical attention due to heat and exhaustion. All the more so as it is over 30 degrees in Bucharest.

In District 6, at 5:00 a.m., polling station members were still waiting in line to hand in ballot bags. And even now, in many of the wards, the votes have not yet been counted.