Meta will identify the images generated by artificial intelligence on its social networks

The American giant Meta announced on Tuesday that it will identify “in the coming months” any image generated by artificial intelligence (AI) that will be published on its social networks, informs Agerpres.

Meta will identify AI generated images, PHOTO Shutterstock

“In the coming months, we will tag images that users post on Facebook, Instagram and Threads when we can detect industry-standard indicators that they are AI-generated,” announced Nick Clegg, head of international affairs at Meta, in a blog post.

This measure comes as a necessity to counter the disinformation that could gain momentum through the use of artificial intelligence. “Our findings show that misinformation is not spread through a user deficit. It's really a function of the structure of the social media sites themselves”said Wendy Wood, a habit expert and professor emeritus of psychology and business at the University of Southern California.