Michael Jackson was in huge debt when he died. The colossal amount revealed by the lawyers of the executors of the singer’s estate

The American singer Michael Jackson had, at the time of his death, a debt of approximately 500 million dollars, according to the E!News website, which cites as a source documents of the late artist, to which it had access, reports the EFE agency on Friday.

Michael Jackson PHOTO: Profimedia

Lawyers for the executors of Jackson’s estate, whose death marked 15 years this month, said that in 2009 the artist’s accounts were “in disarray”, thus accumulating a debt of many millions of dollars, writes Agerpres.

Michael Jackson had incurred considerable expenses in preparation for his concert series”This Is It“, according to the document submitted to the Supreme Court of Los Angeles County after the singer’s death, according to the cited website.

According to the data presented, the premature death of Michael Jackson, at the age of 50, left a significant financial debt to the promoter of his tour.

In addition, attorneys for the executors of the estate pointed out that Jackson “changed business managers, lawyers and personal managers several times in the years before his death.” them being thus forced to look for documents which were “scattered throughout the country”.

However, in the years that followed, lawyers allegedly managed to write off Jackson’s debts and “successfully enhancing his image and legacy,” in favor of the beneficiaries of Michael’s Trust, which includes the singer’s children Prince Jackson, 27, Paris Jackson, 26, and Bigi Jackson, 22.

“Although more than a decade has passed since the death of Michael Jackson”, the document states, “from time to time the executors have to deal with the consequences of the circumstances at the time of his death”stated the website specialized in worldly news.

Michael Jackson is the author of reference hits such as “Thriller” (1982), also the best-selling album in history, and of songs that defined his career, such as “Beat it” (1982), “Bad” (1987) and “Smooth Criminal” (1988).

The artist died on June 25, 2009, following an overdose of anesthetics, in his rented villa near Bel Air, the exclusive neighborhood of celebrities in Los Angeles, USA.