More than 15 AUR organizations from Mehedinți have joined PNL, Virgil Popescu announces. “They showed that everything at AUR is a lie”

The leader of PNL Mehedinţi, Virgil Popescu, announced that 15 organizations of AUR Mehedinţi have joined the Mehedinţi liberals. In a message posted on Facebook, Virgil Popescu thanked those who took this step.

15 AUR organizations from Mehedinți joined PNL. PHOTO Facebook Virgil Popescu

The PNL Mehedinti organization is today even stronger! More than 15 organizations of AUR Mehedinți have joined our team, together with the former president of AUR Mehedinți George Ganțu, who will be the vice-president of PNL Mehedinți. Any exposure of the false patriotism promoted by George Simion, the Putinist trumpet, bodes well for Romanians, for the people of Mehedința. This is what the colleagues who joined us did today: they showed, through their political decision to join the PNL, that at GOLD everything is a lie, that they serve the interests of Russiai”, PNL leader Mehedinți wrote on Facebook on Thursday.

Virgil Popescu spoke about the reasons behind joining the 15 AUR organizations:

“They were not intimidated by the Putinist trumpet, George Simion, who came to Mehedinți county to infuriate their decision and PNL with proletarian anger. Those from AUR betrayed patriotism, the Romanians. Because someone who is declared undesirable by our brothers across the Prut, from the Republic of Moldova, cannot be called a patriot. Together with our new liberal colleagues, we are ready to make an even stronger team, to win the elections, to make Mehedintiul liberal. I thank Mr. Ganțu and all those who joined us because they are looking out for the good of the people of Mehedința and did not allow themselves to be deceived by George Simion”.

“They are desperately trying to induce the idea that the process of collating elections would harm democracy”

PNL leader Mehedinţi also touched on the issue of consolidating the elections.

“At the same time, on this occasion I conveyed to my colleagues that those from the AUR are desperately trying to induce the idea that the process of merging the elections would harm democracy. It's a bogus problem! On the contrary, citizens will be motivated to choose local and European, to integrate belonging to the European family. Those from AUR think they are doing this because Putin does not want combined elections in Romania! We no longer do what Moscow wants. They confiscated our treasure and sent George Simion instead. We don't need that. We need liberalism to continue the irreversible process of development“, said Virgil Popescu.