National Assessment 2024. Maths teacher: “There was an item that the children had never met”

The subjects in the Mathematics test of the National Assessment 2024 were more difficult than in previous years. In addition, there was an item that many students have never encountered, according to a mathematics teacher from Brașov.

The subjects of the National Assessment, the Mathematics test, difficult this year. Photo source: archive

This year, the subjects in the mathematics test of the National Assessment 2024 were more difficult than in previous years. Therefore, they should make a better tie in the case of students who got high marks, is the opinion of Cătălin Ciupală, mathematics teacher at the “Andrei Șaguna” National College in Brașov. The fierce fight will be between the students who got grades above 8.50. There you will see who really studied for the exam.

“There were some sub-points that were quite difficult and they were in a higher proportion than in other years. I mean 3-4 really difficult sub-points, which can make the tie-breaking for high marks better than last year”, the math teacher told the Republic.

Furthermore, the teacher suspects that many of the students have never encountered one of the items, specifically the one with the graph of a function, where students were asked to calculate the distance from point C to line AB. “Point C was not at the origin of the axes. Most problems are with the distance from the origin of the axes to the graph of the function, and here it was a little different. It wasn’t hard, it was the style of a classic problem, but recently I don’t seem to have seen such a requirement so often”. says Cătălin Ciupală.

The most difficult requirements, in the third subject. The circle put the kids in trouble

Another difficult exercise was, in his opinion, the one in point 4 b, topic III: Prove that AH = 3HD “It was not easy, I think it is the item with the greatest difficulty, which will be solved the least by the children, I hope that the Ministry of Education will make public the results of the items, in order to be able to carry out a more careful analysis. It is atypical, the children may not have encountered anything like this at all, which is very good. At least two or three items must be completely new,” is the teacher’s opinion.

Another exercise that could cause problems is 5 from III, which involves a circle. “It was quite difficult, but the difficulty here also lies in the fact that, many times, problems with circle geometry were not given in the National Assessment, although we always encounter them. The children consider them difficult, now such a problem has occurred, it is very good, because there is a tendency to skip certain exercises or chapters, if they do not take the National Assessment”commented the teacher.

Exercise 6 point b wasn’t that easy either, although it wasn’t very difficult. “It’s a classic geometry problem, but it could make a difference. There are quite a few sub points that can make the tie-breaker, until now there were a lot of marks piled up around 9.50. This year from 8.50 to 10 you had to know the book“, points out the teacher.

National Assessment 2024, Mathematics test. Grid math topics, easy

In Thursday’s test, the students had to solve a single item inspired by reality.

  • “If the students of a class sit 2 in each bench in the physics laboratory, then 3 students remain standing. If the students sit 4 in the bench, then there are 5 free benches and one bench where only one student sits.
  • a) Check if there can be 30 students in that class. Justify the answer given.
  • b) Determine the number of benches in the physics laboratory.”

“Even in this exercise with sitting in the benches, the children could make mistakes, know that they often make mistakes in certain forms of the system”, attracts the attention of Cătălin Ciupală. However, he believes there will be quite a few marks above 5 as the grid subjects were “easy”.

The 2024 National Assessment Exam continues today, June 28, with the Mother Tongue test. Minority students from Romania will take exams in Hungarian, German, Croatian, Italian, Serbian, Slovak, Ukrainian and the Romanian language. The exam starts at 9.00 am and the candidates have 120 minutes to solve the topics.