Passengers on the Timişoara Nord – Iași train have a delay of 5 hours. “CFR Travelers, you are a disgrace!”

Again problems with the movement of trains. CFR Călători announced that the train that left Timişoara Nord for Iași will arrive at its destination with a delay of almost 5 hours, which made the passengers erupt.

Again delays in rail transport. Archive photo

IR train 1831 Timişoara Nord – Iaşi, which left Timişoara Nord on Saturday morning, will arrive in Iaşi with a delay of approximately 300 minutes, i.e. approximately 5 hours, informs CFR Călători in a press release.

According to the quoted source, the delay is caused by the breakdown of the locomotive in the Lugoj station.

“The train will resume its movement in safe conditions with a relief locomotive that will arrive from Arad, after carrying out all the procedures specific to such a situation (detachment/attachment maneuver actions, brake test, etc.)”. it is mentioned in the communication.

“CFR Călători offered the passengers of the IR 1831 train, in the Lugoj station, water and pastries. CFR Călatori apologizes to travelers for the inconveniences encountered”, the railway company also stated in the statement.

Despite the apologies, travelers are tired of the unpleasant surprises they experience when traveling by train in Romania.

“Why doesn’t the world travel by public transport, specifically by train in Romania? I’m wodering why? Well, forget about that: the train on the Timişoara-Iaşi route, which left Timişoara at 7 o’clock, didn’t even arrive at the station in Lugoj. The locomotive broke down and stopped at the entrance to Lugoj, in the field, at 8:30 a.m., where it stayed until 10:13 a.m., when the CFR website showed that it arrived without delay at the Lugoj station – I repeat, the train He was NOT at the station. They hardly started the locomotive and pulled the train into the station at 10:30, where we were informed that we were waiting for another locomotive from Arad and that it would take another 2 hours to arrive. In short, mockery!

This train was supposed to reach Iasi; how did they let a locomotive go that didn’t even go 100km? I’m endangering so many people’s lives.

CFR Călători, you are a shame!”, posted a Facebook user.