Nicusor Dan claims that he has over 30% in the polls: “I am running to win.” What does it say about starting a new party

The general mayor of the capital, Nicuşor Dan, declared on Monday that he will run for a new mandate at the Bucharest City Hall, but does not consider re-registering in the USR. The mayor mentioned that “it would be a shame” for the PSD to return to the leadership of the largest city in the country.

Nicușor Dan claims to be an independent mayor Photo: Archive

I am running to win, because it would be a shame that, after these three years, that there were only three, one of which I paid debts, after these three years, in which I took things in a correct, normal direction, to the PSD returns (…). I hope that people will be informed, I hope that in the eternal struggle of the right versus the PSD, all those or many of those right-wing voters who voted for me in 2020 will do the same“, said Nicuşor Dan, on Monday, at Prima News.

The Mayor of the Capital stated that, according to a poll, he would get over 30% of the votes. Nicusor Dan also said that he does not support merging local elections with European parliamentary ones.

“CI believe that we already have a democracy deficit through the way the media reports on political actors, on what happens in everyday life, and an overlap even more makes the message more diffuse“, explained the general mayor of the Capital, according to Agerpres.

Nicusor Dan: I am an independent mayor

Nicușor Dan mentioned that he is not considering re-enrolling in USR, he is “an independent mayor”, he had a good collaboration in the General Council of the Municipality of Bucharest with USR, PMP, PNL, and in the public space he cooperates with Forţa Dreptei and REPER.

The general mayor of the Capital also rejected the idea of ​​forming another party in the future. “In the hypothesis that I will win, I will be a mayor who will have to work with several right-wing parties that support him in the CGMB and it is very difficult to favor one party or another“, said Nicusor Dan.

On the other hand, if he does not win the elections, the mayor of the Capital hinted that he could return to the Institute of Mathematics.

I have a job, I have a position that I suspended at the Institute of MathematicsDan said.

Nicusor Dan also stated that he does not want to give himself a grade, but is waiting to be evaluated by the voters.

I am a person who self-evaluates excessively, I know where I went wrong, I know what I did right, the most important thing is that I was very serious and did not make fun of people's vote“, added the general mayor of the Capital.

In another matter, the mayor of the Capital also discussed administrative aspects, including the price of a gigacalorie, which he opined is possible to further decrease.

When Gabriela Firea (…) finished her mandate, the losses in the network were 50% higher than at the beginning. (…) Compared to how much we took over, we are at 85% losses, 15% less, in another year we will probably be at 78%, compared to how much we took over, so this means an economy“, added Nicusor Dan.