The period from which the driver's license suspension is calculated in 2024

Drivers must be careful when the license suspension is calculated, in order not to risk a criminal record.

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The Romanian Highway Code establishes that the right to drive a motor vehicle can be suspended for several reasons.

Traffic violations can attract a fine, but if they are serious or repeated, then the driver's license will also be suspended.

From when the license suspension is calculated

The road legislation in our country provides for two situations.

In case of suspension of the driver's license for a certain period, with the issuance of a replacement proof of driving right for 15 days, the suspension of the exercise of the right to drive vehicles begins in one of the following cases:

  • from the moment of expiry of the validity period of the substitute proof;
  • from the moment of submission of the substitute proof, by the driver, to any traffic police unit on one of the days of its validity period.

And the second case is the one in which the driver's license is withheld, the driver receiving a replacement proof without the right to drive. In this situation, the suspension is calculated from the day on which the report of the violation that led to the suspension of the license was drawn up.

“Drivers who do not correctly calculate the license suspension period and get behind the wheel while they still do not have the right to drive, risk a criminal case. The penalty for driving a vehicle with a suspended license is up to 3 years in prison“, writes

What is the procedure for reacquiring a suspended license

The procedure for reacquiring the suspended driver's license and reducing the license suspension period is provided for in Article 219 of the Implementing Regulation of GEO 195/2002.

The rights and obligations of the driver are also presented in the article of law. Thus, those who wish to reduce the period of license suspension have a deadline for submitting the application by which they request this.

More precisely, the application will be submitted by the 30th day, for the suspended license without a proof of circulation, and by the 45th day, in the situation where you receive a proof of circulation, being able to use the car another 15 days.