NOSTALGIA announces the partnership with eSolutions and launches the official app of the festival

NOSTALGIA, the festival that celebrates life and fun for all generations, announces the partnership with eSolutions, a premium digital company in the technology industry, with whom it created and developed the custom mobile application of the Nostalgia festival.

The Nostalgia Festival takes place between June 27 and 30, at the Sports Shooting Federation near the Băneasa forest, and the organizers are preparing unforgettable memories and unique moments, perfect to share with all your friends on social media.

The Nostalgia app is already available for users to download from the Apple Store and Google Play and will include all the necessary information for festival-goers to enjoy an integrated experience. NOSTALGIA fans will be able to view in the application all the experiences made available by the organizers, such as the Enchanted Forest, where you can guess your future in tarot cards, the Beauty corner for braids and retouching festival makeup, Buzzing electric cars, the School where you teleport to high school years and others.

Also from the app, festival goers will follow the line-up from the six music stages, as well as the program dedicated to DJ sets, and they can create a favorite program of the evening, customized according to their preferences. By accessing the application, nostalgics can consult the map of the festival, in order to more easily familiarize themselves with all the areas of the festival and not to miss any Instagrammable corner. Furthermore, by navigating the Nostalgia mobile app, attendees find out about free bus transportation, the drink menu at the festival bars, and the food options in the food court sector.

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“RelaÞia Nostalgia with the eSolutions team has grown organically over time. I discovered from Qstarted cUm they motivate usUm thatANDi drive for things fUmcute a lotUm responsibility ANDand at the same timeehin a very creative keyUm. QMPUmrtI wouldim with that eSolutionsANDand vision to createANDyourself QtogetherI wouldand to do special projects. ApplyÞia Nostalgia is a product created, developed ANDand implemented with the aim of QmbunaUmtACROSSand experienceÞa participantÞOF THE Qduring the festival ANDand we are gladUmTHXUm NOTICEyourme thisUm news“, say the representatives of the Nostalgia brand.

If in the 2023 edition, over a hundred thousand people participated in the festival, the organizers expect a large number of participants this year as well. Tickets can be purchased on the platform, and for Thursday, June 27, access is free for holders of any type of ticket purchased at Nostalgia.

About the NOSTALGIA Retro/Disco/Future festival

NOSTALGIA tries to be a festival of life, presenting the past and the future in a special way. All those who participated in NOSTALGIA for more than six years, could enjoy a real retro & future museum, in which the organizers also integrated a disco specific to the 90s – 2000s. The Nostalgia team is constantly working to create a world full of images and sounds, going through numerous sensory experiences and unique moments, designed to turn NOSTALGIA into a factory of memories − because, why not, the present can also be a future nostalgia.

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