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On September 21, the Year of Our Lord 2007, at 9 o’clock in the evening, was born in the navel of beautiful city Cluj, Janis Club.

Inspired by the hippie – flower-power philosophy of “total freedom,” Janis Club is nothing else than the urban version of the famous Black Sea resort Vama Veche, as it is in reality, with good and evil, in the only time we mortals can really perceive: the present!

Janis was and will remain, as long as we have life in us, a space of the “maximum possible freedom” and – probably – the only truly multicultural dance-club in Cluj-Napoca and not only: music of all times and genres (a real antidote for “brain smoothing / washing), the diverse clientele made up of people of all ages and “pockets”, nations and minorities existing in Cluj, and last but not least, a rare tolerance to human nature, combined with a real safety concern for our customers!


In our varied playlist, which hugs a diverse clientele, of any age and ethnicity, there are cheerfulness and danceable songs of all genres (from rock, rock ‘n roll, blues and pop to R & B , rap and hip-hop, from Latin to Balkan, from Gypsy to Arabic and Russian, as well as very little house) and musical periods from the 50s to the present, many of which are among the best songs of their genre! At the same time, almost every song is accompanied by a video, because we believe music means also a little image, not just sound!



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