PSD asks USR to disown Clotilde Armand after she was sent to court. Edilul Sector 1: I'm still here

The PSD requests the USR leadership to apply the standards of integrity in politics that they invoke in the case of others and immediately exclude Clotilde Armand from the party. After being sent to court, the mayor of District 1, Clotilde Armand, meets all the attributes of a criminal in public office: she has a criminal record, she was investigated, she is indicted and she was referred to Justice, to be tried for the crime of having used public office to he favors himself”, PSD transmits.

The social democrats claim that the mayor from Sector 1 “behaves like a genuine “criminal” when he attacks without any restraint the magistrates who took decisions against him and when he denigrates the fundamental institutions of the rule of law”.

“According to the principles invoked over time by the USR, regardless of the decision the court will take, the defendant Clotilde Armand must be suspended from the position of mayor of Sector 1, for the entire duration of the criminal trial, so as not to affect the image of the institution which it represents.

This time, the USR leadership has no excuse not to expel the “criminal” Clotilde Armand from the party. At the same time, the party leadership must denounce the candidacy of the defendant, who is trying to obtain a new mandate under the USR logo. If they do not do these things, those in the leadership of the USR become moral accomplices in the criminal acts of the party colleague and definitively lose their right to ask others to respect the principles of integrity that they themselves trample on,” says PSD.

In reply, Clotilde Armand claims that she has no intention of resigning or giving up her candidacy.

“The inevitable happened. Ciolacu through his party of “incorruptible and honest” politicians told me to resign because they also heard about “No penalties in public positions”. That's what PSD PNL consultants told them to shout from now on. Of course I felt sorry for Ciolacu again.

Marcele… you have a pen and paper and write on the syllables: No penalties in public positions is based on a citizens' initiative that aims to prohibit DEFINITELY CONVICTED citizens from holding public positions in state institutions.

As for my resignation… hmm. I thought very carefully and I want to let you know that I'm still around. So, let me put it out of your mind that you can't steal anymore. Stop crying good people from PNL PSD because I will still run. And your Marcel is coming back to the pretzels”, said the mayor of Sector 1, in a post on Facebook.

The mayor of Sector 1, Clotilde Armand, was sent to court, being investigated regarding the project for which she was designated as the sole manager. The mayor is accused of obtaining gross monthly income of over 18,000 lei, as a result of some provisions he issued.