Political parties spent more money in 2023 than they received from the state

Political parties that benefit from subsidies from the state managed to spend more than 250 million in 2023, according to AEP data, the largest amounts being those for promotion.

Over 250 million lei were spent by the parties in 2023 PHOTO Archive

Although receipts from subsidies were 227.4 million lei, expenses were 252.8 million lei. PSD spent 95% of the amount received (i.e. 84.3 million out of 88.3 million), the most money being given, the most money being given for promotion, i.e. 67.87%. A second chapter of expenses was that for opinion polls, i.e. 9.17% of the amount spent, while the third place is represented by personnel expenses (7.95%).

PNL spent 97.15% of the money (72.7 million lei out of 74.9 million lei). The biggest expenses were for promotion in the media, i.e. 63.54% of the amount. The next expenses were represented by political consulting (12.21%) and opinion polls.

From the Opposition, USR spent 113% of the amount received in 2023, i.e. 45.6 million lei out of 40.3 million. 31.51% of the money went for promotion on different media channels, that is, for propaganda. The second big expense is represented by the money for the staff, i.e. 22.7% of the money that left the party's accounts. 13.22% were for political events

GOLD, spending over 200%

After saving for several years, the Alliance for the Union of Romanians spent 39.8 million, although it received only 17.8 million in 2023. The percentage of expenses is 226%.

41.2% of the amount of 39.8 million was directed to “investments in movable and immovable goods”. AUR is the party that runs the medical caravan campaign, providing free medical services for those with modest incomes. 28.02% of the money went to the organization of political activities.

The expenses for opinion polls represent 5.27% of the amount of 39.8 million lei, and for “press and propaganda” it gave 5.07%, i.e. 2 million lei.

A good part of Pro Romania's money went to a bailiff, while PMP remained without a subsidy since the second half of the year.