Power games in the Coalition. Which leaders of the PSD and the PNL take a leading place on the list for the European Parliament SOURCES

The PSD and the PNL reached an agreement in principle regarding the balance of forces for the first 20 places on the list for the European Parliament, with the leaders of the two parties in the first positions, according to “Adevărul” information.

PSD and PNL took the first step to organize the list for PE FOTO Inquam Photos

A sensitive subject within the Coalition, the division of the first places on the joint PSD-PNL list is close to passing the first stage, that of the distribution of positions according to the balance of forces. According to the discussions so far in the Coalition, at the moment there is still a search for a person without a party card to open the list, the consensus being that it should be a lady, either with European expertise or from the area of ​​entrepreneurship, be a former athlete known for her performances.

Regarding the balance of forces, PSD would take no less than 12 seats, of which the party will decide how many to give to the Humanist Social Liberal Party, founded by Dan Voiculescu, who also owns the Intact media trust. Currently, the eligible candidate of the PUSL is Maria Grapini, with two mandates in the European Parliament. On the contrary, in the PSD there are divided opinions on granting one more place in the first 20 people. If PUSL were to receive two seats, the other position would be towards seats 19 or 20, to ensure that the formation shoots in the elections, with all the forces at its disposal in the public environment.

The remaining 10 seats are divided among party members. On the other hand, the Liberals would have 7 seats considered in the eligible area. Among the aspects negotiated is that the first non-independent candidate should be from the PSD, followed by a liberal. Also, up to places 10-11 there would be an alternation PSD-PNL, then the vote distribution algorithm changes.

Most likely, from the social democrats the first candidate will be Mihai Tudose, the coordinator of the PSD campaign for the European Parliament, while from the liberals it is still not clear, one of the options being Rareș Bogdan, the former opening of the PNL list from 2019, when the party ranked first. According to “Adevărul” information, according to the negotiations so far, the first 10 will be the independent candidate, five social democrats and four liberals.

Among the people from PSD who would be in the first positions would be Claudiu Manda (coming from a PSD fiefdom, i.e. Dolj), Dragoș Benea (one of the most important leaders in Moldova), but also Victor Negrescu (future rapporteur of the EU budget for 2025). The positions of people like Vasile Dîncu or Titus Corlățean are still uncertain. The first, although he holds the position of president of the National Council, leads a weak organization, Cluj, but relying on the support of another important leader at the national level, Radu Moldovan (head of CJ Bistrița Năsăud). The second, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, has a professional record and is supported by PSD Dâmbovița. A question mark is whether in the end Gabriela Firea will agree to go to Brussels, given the small chances of being a candidate for the Capital City Hall.

A place on the list as high as possible is also desired for the head of the PSD Diaspora, Gheorghe Cârciu, a close friend of the general secretary of the PSD, Paul Stănescu. Stănescu's support is essential for the head of the Department for Romanians Everywhere to be in the top 20.

The situation with the liberals

And with the liberals, the situation is complicated. In addition to Rareș Bogdan, Dan Motreanu (first vice-president) and Siegfried Mureșan (vice-president from PNL at the level of the European People's Party and with very good relations in the Western chancelleries) would also receive a place in front. There would also be a lady among the first places, being a big question mark if that will be Adina Vălean, current Transport Commissioner. “She has not been seen in Modrogan at all in recent years”, claims a leader of the PNL for “Adevărul”, explaining that there is sadness on the part of the party's leadership towards her attitude.

Alina Gorghiu, currently Minister of Justice, is circulating in the party with a chance for an eligible seat. Gheorghe Falcă is also interested, making a public announcement in this regard, as well as former heavyweights, such as Vasile Blaga or Mircea Hava. According to “Adevărul” information, the two did not allow themselves to be swayed to give up their candidacies, although they were told that they could receive eligible seats for the Romanian Parliament, that is, to open the lists to the Senate this year. Hava was even tested in the polls for Alba Iulia, the former mayor for almost decades having a voting intention of over 50%. But, according to “Adevărul” sources, Hava does not want to return to the local administration.