Presidential Advisor: Economic stability continues to require increased concern. We must beware of extremist solutions

Presidential adviser Cosmin Marinescu emphasized in an event that, in the context of the 2024 election year, economic stability still requires increased concerns and that we must “beware of the traps of promises that sell illusions”.

The adviser showed that the stability of the economy is an essential objective PHOTO Cosmin Marinescu

Economic stability still requires increased concerns, including for protecting our markets and competitiveness, especially in industry, but not only”the presidential adviser claimed during the 11th edition of the BVB Awards, emphasizing that “the year 2024 began with the reactivation of inflation, which interrupts the disinflationary trend from 2023 and therefore calls for prudence in economic policy”.

Thus, Cosmin Marinescu explained that “an essential objective of the governing coalition is to ensure the economic stability and financial sustainability of Romania, a national objective that is all the more important in an election year that is beset by multiple crises”.

“In relation to this objective, the 2024 election year also imposes a certain responsibility in terms of the public message, regarding the democratic values ​​and principles that we want to promote for the future. That is why we must beware of the traps of promises that sell illusions, of extremist solutions lacking responsibility. In the long run, economic populism turns us all into losers. This is why we need credible solutions for Romania, balanced solutions that offer our economy guarantees of long-term stability and predictability“, the councilor also said.

According to the presidential adviser, “it must be fruitful pragmatically and efficiently, through ambitious changes and appropriate results” Romania's national strategy regarding the development of the capital market.

“A mature, competitive capital market, capable of effectively supporting the financing needs of the economy, represents an asset from the perspective of the objective of Romania moving to an investment-based economic development model”the councilor also said.

At the same time, Cosmin Marinescu emphasized that “in a development model based on investments, Romania's economy needs financing”, again “in the coming years financing will become a key criterion in the dynamics of the financial system and for the efficiency of the regulatory framework”.