Reaction to the “Truth” investigation. Minister Rafila, about the manager of Focşani Hospital, suspected of incompatibility: “The case is under the control body's attention”

“Adevărul” published this week an extensive investigation regarding suspicions of incompatibility regarding Rodica Ifrim, interim manager of the Focșani County Hospital, a position in which she was appointed by the Ministry of Health on March 29, 2024.

Manager Rodica Ifrim has been in office for almost two months PHOTO Youth Clinic

Concretely, Rodica-Ioana Ifrim, apart from the activity within the Focșani County Hospital, has collaborations with three private clinics, two in Focșani (Medcenter and Clinica Tinereții) and one in Târgu Mureș (Vita-Nova Clinic). The service contracts with the three clinics were concluded by PFA Ifrim Rodica Ioana.

According to Law no. 95/2006, the manager of a state hospital is not allowed to exercise other activities, not even unpaid ones, except for those in the medical field in the same health unit that he manages. (art. 178 ali. 1 letter (a) and (c) Law no. 95/2006). Basically, the law stops hospital managers from working in private clinics.

“Adevărul” checked the websites of the three private clinics on Tuesday, May 21, and on all of them Dr. Rodica-Ioana Ifrim, the current interim manager of the Focșani County Hospital, also appears in the lists of doctors.

According to article 178, paragraph 4 of Law no. 95/2006, the manager Rodica-Ioana Ifrim had to remove the reasons for incompatibility (holding a PFA and obtaining income from medical consultations provided in the three private clinics) within 30 days from upon appointment, i.e. until the end of April 2024, otherwise, the management contract will be automatically terminated. But this did not happen.

“Adevărul” called all three private clinics with which Dr. Rodica-Ioana Afrim collaborates, although her status as a manager at a state hospital prohibits her from doing so, according to the legal provisions in force. And all three clinics have confirmed that it is still working with them.

“Adevărul” also notified the Ministry of Health regarding suspicions of incompatibility. And on Thursday, May 23, after reporting “The Truth”, the Ministry of Health officially asked the manager Rodica Ifrim to state whether she has other remunerated activities outside of the Focșani County Hospital. And the Ministry of Health also requested the manager Rodica Ifrim that if he was in a situation of incompatibility at the time of appointment to the position, to send the documents by which the reasons for incompatibility were removed.

“Adevărul” also asked Alexandru Rafila, the Minister of Health, for a point of view in this regard.

“The case you refer to is under the attention of the Control Body of the Ministry of Health”Minister Alexandru Rafila declared for “Adevărul”.