Sector 4 begins the construction of a theater in the southern area of ​​Bucharest

Sector 4 of the Municipality of Bucharest continues to implement projects that bring added value to the local community and which, at the same time, ensure respect for citizens' rights regarding access to quality cultural services. The project is put into practice as a result of some sociological research, according to which the inhabitants of Sector 4 encounter difficulties in having access to culture, this aspect being caused by the fact that in the south of Bucharest there is no cultural-artistic institution at the level of a theater, and the movement of spectators to the theaters in the city center is not only expensive but also extremely tiring.

Under these conditions, it was clear the need to establish such a cultural institution, to which all categories of the public have access, starting from kindergarten children to the seniors of Sector 4.

“It is a privilege to have today the opportunity to start the last promise we made in 2020. We promised to make a theater and yes, today we actually started the construction of an objective that our community, and not only , needs. People need culture. The access of the Sector 4 community to what shows, actors, socialization means from this point of view cannot be done with words, but we need clear examples, explicit examples, concrete things like today, based on a building permit, we can let's talk about the new theater in Sector 4. In recent years, the Sector 4 community has adopted a modern and sustainable development vision. The proof is the clean, lighted streets, the educational infrastructure, nurseries, kindergartens, schools, high schools, the health infrastructure, the medical facilities that we have already inaugurated and those that we have started and will start, the transport infrastructure, the passages, the widenings and all these, objectives achieved with an important contribution from the local budget on the one hand, from government programs on the other and, above all, from European money. Because European money, membership of the European Union, represented a development opportunity for the Sector 4 community”, said Daniel Băluță, the mayor of Sector 4, during a press conference.

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At the moment, the design procedure for this edifice has been completed and the order has been issued to start the construction works of the first and only theater in Sector 4, built in Orășelul Copiilor Park, with access from Olteniței Road. The works will last approximately two years and will cost a maximum of 10 million euros.

The building, with a futuristic design, will have a floor area of ​​2,600 square meters, arranged on the ground floor, the first floor, the upper floor and the circulation terrace. According to the technical project drawn up by specialists, the premises of the new theater will have a performance hall with approximately 250 seats, two conference rooms, offices, as well as a relaxation and socializing area set up on the mobile terrace.

Senator Gabriela Firea, present at the event, also spoke about the usefulness of this very important project for Bucharest.

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“Here, Bucharesters from all sectors will come to the theater. In times when we talk more about infrastructure, we are talking about culture today, which is a wonderful thing. I congratulate my colleague, Daniel Băluță, that in addition to the projects dedicated to investments in infrastructure, in streamlining traffic, in health, he also has the desire to invest in the culture of our people, after all. There are good things that must go on. I wish success to the builders and we want to come here to the shows as soon as possible”, said Gabriela Firea.

All the children in Sector 4 will have access to this cultural facility, where they will be able to watch theater performances, concerts and participate in various cultural events, such as painting exhibitions, photography exhibitions, book launches, etc.

At the same time, the performance halls will be available to kindergartens, schools and high schools in the sector, which will want to organize various artistic activities, openings, performances for children and young people here. Moreover, parents will be able to take their little ones, in their free time, to acting, music or ballet classes.

As a sign of thanks for Sector 4's involvement in the cultural-artistic field, actress Monica Davidescu was also present at the press conference, along with several colleagues from the guild.

“Thank you for the attention you pay to culture, especially given that Bucharest does not currently have even a single theater festival, as there is, for example, in Craiova. I know that Mr. Mayor Daniel Băluță also tried in the past to find the right location for this theater and I am glad that he has already managed to start these works here, so close to the park. I am convinced that both Mr. Mayor and Mrs. Senator Gabriela Firea will have people dedicated to solving the city's problems” the actress stated.

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