Romanian language and literature curriculum from Baccalaureate 2024

Seven days separate the twelfth grade graduates from the most important exam in their lives: the Baccalaureate. High school students are on the last hundred meters with their preparations. Now is the time to recap the subject and solve the practice tests, especially since the Ministry of Education has published the exam schedule.

The first test of the Baccalaureate starts on June 17. Photo source: archive

The Romanian Language and Literature Baccalaureate 2024 curriculum comes with a series of requirements that must be checked. Here's what candidates need to know!

Romanian language and literature curriculum Baccalaureate 2024. Competencies to be evaluated

The Baccalaureate exam begins on June 17, with the Romanian language and literature test, oral. On July 1, students will take the written exam.

High school graduates will go through several tests. First of all, they must demonstrate that they use the Romanian language correctly and appropriately in different communication situations. This means that each student will be graded according to how he expresses himself in monologue and dialogue, how he thinks and formulates ideas. Communication must be correct, efficient, personalized and adapted to various situations. The student must know the basic rules of monologue and dialogue. In the written test, students must master writing techniques, from general rules to spelling and punctuation, in order to receive a passing grade.

Students must master the peculiarities and stylistic functions of the Romanian language, but also understand the meaning of a transmitted message.

Regarding the analysis of the literary texts they had to study, the graduates must be able to identify the literary genres, be able to analyze the characters, be able to characterize and integrate them into different epic species: fairy tale, cult, short story, novel. Children could be taken through dramatic and poetic text where they could be asked to identify specific elements of structure and language.

High school graduates must be able to put the studied texts into context by referring to the era or literary currents. It will also be scored how they will argue in writing and orally, how they will express their opinions in various situations. The way of constructing an argumentative text will be appreciated, as well as the logic and coherence of the message expressed.

Romanian language and literature baccalaureate curriculum 2024. Content

In Literature, the students had to study at least one text from the works of 17 authors: Mihai Eminescu, Ion Creangă, IL Caragiale, Titu Maiorescu, Ioan Slavici, G. Bacovia, Lucian Blaga, Tudor Arghezi, Ion Barbu, Mihail Sadoveanu, Liviu Rebreanu, Camil Petrescu, G. Călinescu, E. Lovinescu, Marin Preda and Nichita Stănescu.

In Language and communication, students must be able to apply orthographic, orthoepic, punctuation, morphosyntactic rules and the appropriate use of lexical-semantic units. Graduates will be graded according to their level of mastery of the following terms: neologisms, hiatus, diphthong, triphthong, cacophony, tone, pause and intonation. Children will need to know what semantic errors are, semantic relationships but also what the meaning of words is in context. Also, high school graduates will have to master the elements of grammatical agreement, the plural of nouns, their articulation, but also the elements of relationship such as prepositions, conjunctions, relative adverbs, etc.