Why users worry about new iOS 18 feature on Apple phones: 'It will help people cheat'

Apple has announced new features for the upcoming iOS 18, and some netizens are worried that they will allow partners to easily cheat by hiding certain apps.

Iphone phone. PHOTO by Pixabay

Users will soon be allowed to lock and hide apps on the home screen of iPhones once the new update goes live in the US this fall, the company announced following Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference Park in California, according to the New York Post.

The company said the feature is meant to help people keep their banking apps private and prevent kids from accessing certain apps like Amazon so they don't make unsupervised purchases.

Users can now lock an app and, for added privacy, hide an app by moving it to a hidden and locked apps folder“, said Apple.

When an app is locked or hidden, content like messages or emails inside the app is hidden and doesn't appear in searches, notifications, and other places in the system“, says the company.

However, according to the New York Post, not everyone shares Apple's view, and some are worried that it will give them an escape hatch if they cheat on their partner.

Apple phone.  PHOTO Archive

Apple phone. PHOTO Archive

Right now, it's easy to hide apps on iPhones by turning off the ability to search for them in “Siri suggestions” or hiding them in a folder, but the new feature in iOS 18 adds another layer of protection.

The new update coming in a few months allows the user to hide the app icon and name on the home screen and even turn off notifications such as: email, messages, notes, phone, photos and Safari.

“Blocked and hidden apps gives users confidence that information they want to keep private, such as notifications and app content, won't be inadvertently seen by others“, said Apple.

However, creating a folder “Hidden app” will be visible on the home screen.

I just know iOS 18 will help people cheat“, wrote a netizen on a social network.

These apps can be accessed, for example, only with a Face ID.

iOS 18 is trying to catch men who use Android but cheat in their relationship“, joked another.

Future updates will include other trendy features such as “Apple Intelligence” – a new AI-powered system that responds to requests, creates new text and images, and solves problems for its users.

Apple Intelligence will include a rewriting tool that users can use to help them rephrase complicated messages.