Sanitas trade unionists obtained a 15% increase in basic salaries, in two installments, March and June

The representatives of the Sanitas Trade Union Federation announced that they agreed with the governors on a 15% increase in basic salaries. Following the discussions regarding salary increases in the health system that took place on Monday at the Victoria Palace, it was decided that they will be granted from March and June, in addition to the 5% granted for the entire budget system starting from January 1, 2024.

Sanitas delegation at the Ministry of Labor Photo Facebook

The president of Sanitas, Leonard Bărăscu, said: “We continued the discussions started last week and two weeks ago, we moved, in the meantime, to the ministries, we are still looking for further data. We have nothing definite to tell you today except that the discussions continue. There are many data to find out, which we still do not have from the other ministries, how many people there are, how many people they will have to receive. We also don't have total amounts of money that you can say fit in or create that 20%, how much it would be for each. And we are waiting for those commissions that we established, there was already one at the Ministry of Health. The important thing is that we will receive that 15%, plus 5%, which already goes from January 1. So, the basic salaries will increase in the next period with the 5%, which they gave from the beginning, plus 15% which the Government promised us”.

Regarding the “salary envelope”, he considers it an “error of interpretation”. “The salary envelope is a misinterpretation. Not the salary envelope, which is huge, we didn't even refer to it. The government gives the 5% for everyone on the basic salary. Our colleagues will receive the money from February 15, this month. Then, another 15% in two installments, which we have not established as a percentage and which will apply to everyone, including social assistance, very important”explained Leonard Bărăscu.

For his part, Iulian Pope, the first vice-president of Sanitas, came up with the following clarifications: “The installments are nailed down, March and June. It's something I've cut out now. I said that there are two installments, not necessarily equal. It is important to see the impact. We do not have all the data at the moment, the sanitary system is large. We only have the data from the subordinates of the Ministry of Health and the hospitals subordinated to the local authorities. We don't have the other data, which adds up to almost 20,000 people”.