Simona Halep left for Miami, together with a “thin” team. “I didn't even know what to put in my luggage”

Simona Halep can play tennis again, after TAS reduced her suspension to 9 months. The 32-year-old player left this morning for Miami, to participate in the WTA 1000 tournament, scheduled between March 19 and 31.

Simona Halep took the time to talk to the journalists. Photo EPA EFE

Facing the first official match in August 2022, when she lost in the 1st round at the US Open, and out of the WTA ranking last year, Simona Halep received a wild-card to be able to participate in the tournament and says she has emotions before the start Competitions

I only have one sparring partner and a physical therapist with me. Bthose sbutter here with me, and we go together. I have the biggest support from my mother, father and brother. They will come later too. I want to have everyone in the lodge.

I don't know what will be at the tournament. I have some emotions, it's normal. But I'm very happy to have the chance to get back on the field, where I feel the best. We will see how it will be at the tournament. When I packed, I didn't even know what to put in my bag. It's a nice feeling, especially after such a good decision. All positive things are with me.

She wants to prove that she is clean

The last few days have been very exhausting, I would say, emotionally. But I was very happy at the same time. I achieved what I wanted from the beginning, to do justice and for everyone to see that I am a clean athlete”said Simona Halep, according to

The athlete from Constanța also talked about what results she could achieve in the next period. “It is very early to think about the results. I want to see how I feel when I return. Miami is a good tournament, I always enjoyed playing there. But it's hard to say anything now.

I already have a year and a half since I don't play official matches and it's hard to give my opinion now. I want to see how I feel when I come back and after that I will set my goals.

Little chance of making it to the Olympics

I still haven't thought about which tournaments I will participate in. I want to see what it's like in Miami and then I'll decide. I've never stayed this long before. I want to take it week by week and see how I get in shape. It will be quite difficult”said Halep, who aims to participate in the Olympic Games in Paris: “I will do everything I need to be able to qualify, but the chances are quite small. Horia Tecău also wrote me a message, I told him that we would meet in Miami and talk. It's much better face to face”.

Simona played two semifinals and two quarterfinals at the Miami Open, in 2015 and 2019. As now the expectations are not too high, Halep will enjoy the 10 points brought by the access to the main draw, which will allow her to re-enter from April 1 in WTA ranking.