Sleeping live on TikTok, the latest fashion. Getting rich overnight, Romanians' fantasy. Psychiatrist: “It's not healthy”

In recent years, Romanians are increasingly present on social networks and try, through various means, to monetize their online activity. One of the applications that Romanians prefer is TikTok, which has gathered millions of followers.

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A report prepared by shows us that TikTok has reached over 7.5 million users in Romania, aged over 18, according to data from parent company ByteDance.

Romanians are waiting for virtual gifts

In the rush for virtual gifts, which turn into real money, Romanians ended up spending hours on TikTok, waiting for the big gift from the followers. Thus, many users ended up doing more and more strange activities, while filming, in order to get followers.

One of the fashionable methods, through which they manage to attract followers, is to sleep live, live, waiting to be woken up by the sounds of “gifts”, that is, monetization of views. This, say psychiatrists, can be extremely harmful.

“Sleep can be affected, it depends on what stage you are caught by those sounds caused by gifts. There are people who choose to do these things for money because now there are a lot of such methods through which some manage to secure an income. At the same time, many people do this just to attract attention, to become known. One thing is certain: it is not healthy to do this in the long run, but it is a method by which people try, in any way, to expose themselves and attract public attention“, stated Dr. Ovidiu Alexinschi, primary psychiatrist.

Social networks have nothing to do with socializing

According to psychiatrists, social networks have the ability to be addictive. Thus, they claim that they have nothing in common with socializing and that they are made to attract a lot of users.

“They are far from being social networks, they have nothing in common with socializing. It's about content that is made to appeal to you. How can we socialize with a funny video? He started from the idea of ​​socialization, but things went too far. It is about content targeted at certain categories of the public, to immerse young people in the digital environment. They can be funny things, but not for socializing”adds Dr. Ovidiu Alexinschi.