SOURCES When will the presidential elections be held

The leaders of the governing coalition, Marcel Ciolacu and Nicolae Ciucă, decided on Thursday, following the meeting that took place at the Victoria Palace, on two work options regarding the organization of the presidential elections. The final decision will be made on Tuesday.

Marcel Ciolacu and Nicolae Ciucă discuss setting the date of the presidential elections Photo: Archive

PSD leader Marcel Ciolacu and PNL president Nicolae Ciucă decided, on Thursday, on two work options regarding the organization of the presidential elections. “Round 1: on September 15 OR September 29”, according to political sources consulted by “Adevărul”.

A final decision will be taken on Tuesday, the source said.

Nicolae Ciucă went, on Thursday, to the Victoria Palace to talk with Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu.

Misunderstandings on the issue of setting the date of the presidential elections

Wednesday’s meeting of PSD and PNL leaders in Vila Lac did not bring any new results. Neither of the two parties gave in, both firmly maintaining their position regarding the election calendar this year.

The PNL would like to move the presidential elections to November, even if in March they agreed that the elections should be organized in September.

During the meeting, the social democrats accused the liberals of not respecting their own decision.

The leader of the PSD, Marcel Ciolacu, conveyed that if there is a blockage on the part of the PNL ministers in the process of issuing opinions for Government Decisions, the situation will be “analyzed”.

The two parties have different views on the period in which it should be organized.

The PNL argues that, if the presidential elections were held in September, the first round would coincide with the beginning of the school year, on September 15, which would lead to the blocking of schools where there are polling stations for several days in a row and would disrupt thus the educational process. Also, another argument is that the hot weather and the vacation period would make it more difficult to organize an election campaign.

The president of the PNL, Nicolae Ciucă, declared on Wednesday that the date of the presidential elections will be determined according to “what the Romanians want”, but that he still considers it “inopportune” to organize the presidential elections in September. “We very much want to discuss this aspect of the date of the elections as seriously as possible, taking into account the fact that there are many messages from the associative environment, and from civil society, from citizens related to the fact that the month of September means basically start the campaign during the holidays. There is no time necessary for debates and that such appears as something that is wanted in a hurry without taking into account the relevance of the presidential office”, said Ciucă.

On the other hand, the PSD appeals to the fact that there is already, in principle, a decision in the coalition regarding the organization of the presidential elections in September, which was also accepted by the liberals at the time it was taken. “We have a decision made in the Coalition and assumed by everyone, that the elections be in September (..) Mr. Ciucmust sassumes the decisions made in the Coalition”, stated Nicolae Ciucă.

Political sources told CNN’s Antena 3 that the PNL will leave the government if the PSD reshuffles the liberal ministers who do not sign for the organization of the presidential elections in September, at the request of Marcel Ciolacu, but, in reality, let themselves be convinced by the liberals of the need to the presidential elections should not be in September, but at the end of the year.

According to the constitutional provisions, the presidential elections can be organized starting from September, until November and December, and the deadline for establishing the election calendar is July 2.