Superstitions of Sânziene, the day when it is not good to work. What is forbidden to do on this day

Sânzienele, celebrated annually on June 24, are supernatural beings with magical powers, but they can become angry with Pentecost if people do not celebrate them properly. Also on this day, Christians celebrate the Birth of Saint John the Baptist

Those who do not observe this holiday will be struck with bad luck. Photo: unsplash (Archive)

“Celebration of the beginning of the agricultural summer, for which it is also called Cap de văra, it is loaded with symbols and marked by countless rituals meant to bring health, luck and fertility; like any threshold, the magical charge is ambivalent, which is why certain rituals are meant to ward off evil spirits, now that the heavens are opening and the worlds are intertwining. Even now, the Orthodox Church celebrates the Birth of Saint John the Baptist, thus adding a great religious burden“, it is stated on the website of the National Museum of the “Dimitrie Gusti” Village in the Capital.

For the Romanian spiritual tradition, this day marks the summer solstice, when “the sun rests at noon”, a day in which many magical practices of fertility, fecundity and divination are carried out. It is the day when the sânziene flower is picked, a flower that will be caught in wreaths and hidden under pillows by unmarried girls to dream of their bear”explained scientific researcher Doina Işfanoni, from the “Dimitrie Gusti” Village Museum.

It is said that on the night of June 23rd to 24th, the sky opens and the Sânzienele appear in the fields, usually in odd numbers, and sing and dance.

The name of the holiday derives from “Santa Diana”, the Daco-Roman goddess, but others believe that it comes from the Latin “Sanctus Dies Iohannis”, which means “Saint John’s Day”. Cânziele is also known under other names, such as: Dânse, Vâlve, Iezme, Herodiade, Nagode, Vantoase, Zâne, Domnițe, Măiastre.

What is forbidden to do on this day

From Sânziene it is not good to work, wash or iron laundry and sweep. Men are also forbidden to work in the fields or do household chores. People must not walk at crossroads, near waters, through hidden places, where fairies make you dizzy with their lascivious dances, until they take your mind.

Those who do not observe this holiday will be struck with bad luck.

“In popular tradition, it is said that the most terrifying forms of meteorological manifestation take place in Sânziene. From sweltering heat to violent storms with a high degree of destruction. There is a ban on walking on the road because the sun is the strongest. That is why all kinds of charms and rituals are put into practice to bring well-being, tranquility and peace of mind, to remove evil spirits and the hail that destroys everything“, explained Doina Ișfanoni.