Survivor All Stars 2024, an incendiary round. The warriors won a new confrontation!

In the new round a Survivor Romania All Stars. The Famous lost the matchup to the Warriors in a fantastic matchup for both tribes. Moroșanu was very disappointed with the result and congratulated the Warriors, according to ProTV.

Warriors – Survivor All Stars PHOTO: Facebook/survivorromania.oficial

Zanni appeared very upset and disappointed with the joy shown by Jorge when he switched teams. For his part, Jorge declared himself body and soul for the Warriors team. Moroșanu wanted for the famous to have maximum concentration on the route and to approach more of all strategies.

Jador thinks the girls eat a lot, and Zannidache thinks the team needs to be shaken up to make resources more efficient. According to Zanni Maria Lungu drags the Famous down.

Iancu Sterp, had an unfiltered reaction after the departure of Maria Lungu from the Warriors team. I wish him health!