Survivor All Stars 2024, Ana Porgras will spend a night in the winners' camp. The Warriors won the round without any trouble

The Warriors won the round despite the efforts of the Famous. In addition to the reward, the winners had the right to bring one person to their team for one night. The warriors chose Ana Porgras to spend the night with them, according to ProTV.

Zannidache and Ana Porgras PHOTO: Facebook/survivorromania.oficial

Zanni was visibly upset by the outcome of the round and claimed that some of his teammates did not give their best, especially Jador.

Incidentally, there were several exchanges of lines between Jador and the Zannidache regarding behavior, belief, and psychology.

Zannidache: “I've done your psychological profile.”

Jador: “Come on, let me go.”

According to Zanni, Jador is proud and has a desire to stand out by humiliating others. On the subject of fasting, Zmărândescu said that he also fasts, so he understands Jador.

Jador wanted to comment on the comments to his address.

“I somehow sacrificed my life and time to buy time for my family! I work hard! (…) I work harder than all the Famous!” writes ProTV.

At the end of the round, Zmărândescu came up with a finding similar to Zanni's comments, he believes that there are many in the team who do not assume their responsibilities.