Ten USR members registered in the race for the party presidency, after the announcement of Drula's resignation

The Save Romania Union (USR) announces, on Monday, that a total of ten members of the formation have submitted their candidacy for the presidency of the party, until Sunday night. The mayor of Câmpulung, Elena Lasconi, a candidate for this position, said she wants to save democracy. And deputy Cristian Seidler stated that he chose to run because he trusts his colleagues.

Catalin Drula announced that he is resigning from the head of USR Foto Inquam Photos Octav Ganea

According to a USR press release, 10 members of the formation submitted their candidacy for its presidency, until Sunday night at midnight, within the set deadline.

List of registered candidates:

1. Elena Valerica Lasconi, 52 years old, Campulung, Argeş

2. Cristian Gabriel Seidler, 43 years old, Sector 5, Bucharest

3. Radu Mihai Hossu – 38 years old, Braşov

4. Gabriel – Mugur Dumitrescu – 54 years old, Ploiesti, Prahova

5. Vasile Dinca – 51 years old, Floreşti, Cluj

6. Luiza Oancea – 33 years old, D1, Great Britain, Diaspora

7. Adrian – Ştefan Dudu, 31 years old, Craiova, Dolj

8. Eduard Ene, 24 years old, Craiova, Dolj

9. Doru Valentin Ilie – 25 years old, Sector 6

10. Vasile Gabriel Filip – 46 years old, Constanta

According to USR, each of the candidates presented, in short, a political program by which they want to prepare the party for the future electoral competitions.

The mayor of Câmpulung Muscel, Elena Lasconi, who announced on Sunday that she will run for the head of the USR, and told her party colleagues that she is also running for the presidential elections, said that she wants to save democracy.

“Let's save democracy in Romania! Don't lose hope! I refuse to sit with my hands in my chest and watch how the democracy in this country that we all love is going down the drain. I know that I can change a lot and I have to try, as I do every day in Câmpulung. At the moment, we have a party-state: PSD, the team I belong to. It hurts me to see the message of the electorate at the national level always right. The Romanians' message should not be ignored, but the spirit of this party is a good one. In addition, the Romanians are patriotic and united. So I am sure that democracy will be saved“, said Elena Lasconi, USR presidential candidate.

Deputy Cristian Seidler said that he decided to run for the presidency of the USR because he has faith in the members of the formation that they can modernize Romania and free Romanians from poverty.

Yes, the goal remains to modernize Romania, to defeat the party-state, to free the people from the poverty in which they have been kept for 35 years and to be close to their loved ones. But you told us that this is not enough. It also matters how we get there, not just the goal itself. We know that you have high expectations from us. If it had been otherwise, you would have been satisfied with a reheated lie once every 4 years and 100 lei for a vote, from the money that was also stolen from you.

Thank you for helping us! This is what a community that cares looks like. We must stand together again, all of us. Those of us who think we are not the only smart ones in the universe. It's time to tell those who criticized us: join us and help us be better! That's why I decided to run. Because I trust us“, said Cristian Seidler, USR presidential candidate.

According to the USR, during this week there will be an internal electoral campaign, the candidates have the opportunity to explain to their colleagues what plans they propose for the USR in the coming months.

On June 24-25, the first round of the elections will take place, with the possibility of a second round on June 27-28. The president of the USR is elected by each member of the party, by direct vote, on an online platform, as provided by the statute.

After the election of the president of USR, the new National Bureau of USR will be established, by vote of the delegates to the Congress.

The 24 new members of the new National Office will be elected in the party Congress, convened by the president Cătălin Drula for June 29.

USR president Cătălin Drula announced, on Monday, June 10, 2024, that he is resigning from his position, after a score “below expectations” obtained by USR in the local elections and the 2024 European parliamentary elections. He even nominated the mayor of Timisoara, Dominic Fritz, as the person who would could take over the leadership of the political formation.