The anger of the teachers who corrected the mock papers. “Digital assessment is good, but with paid specialists”

Evaluators of the Baccalaureate simulation papers complain to the teacher groups that they were forced to correct more papers than they were initially told and without being paid for their work, ending up sitting in front of the computer and eight to ten hours a day, on their own time free. Unexpectedly, among those who tell them to stop “whining” are even colleagues from the chancellery.

Teachers were able to assess from home, but are not paid PHOTO: Pixabay

Teacher groups are full of posts by teachers grading papers on the digital platform and touting the enormous workload of this period. They are the first simulations in which the evaluation is done digitally, with each paper being corrected by two teachers, without knowing each other. Evaluating teachers could also connect to the platform from home, but the evaluation process ended up “eating up” their free time as well. In addition, everything is done without being paid extra.

If they had approximately two weeks for the National Assessment papers, for the Baccalaureate the time is half that, a teacher explained, for “Adevărul”. The evaluator teacher is not exempted during this period neither from teaching in the classroom, nor from being involved in the organization of simulation tests, nor from drawing up the situation regarding how their students did in the simulation of the National Assessment. Above all, during this period the students capable of performance take the tests of the school olympiads, and some of the evaluators also participate in these activities, all of which lead to exhaustion.

The large number of works to be evaluated was reached because the representatives of the county school inspectorates were unable to find enough evaluators. For this reason, from 40 papers, which belonged to a single teacher, it reached over 60, and some even corrected a double number. They learned “on the fly” on the platform that they had been assigned a new batch of papers as other teacher assessors withdrew.

“It is not normal for a teacher to receive 77 papers for correction that he must finish by Monday or Tuesday. And expect to receive more in the basket. And to do the classes. Does no one really realize that the work of a teacher does not mean slavery?! Good people, wake up! Little by little you will also lose the few dedicated teachers, with respect for work and love for children!”, is just one of the messages posted by a private group of teachers that has over 85,000 members.

“I also look at the results and I want to cry”

Teachers who “whine” are even scolded by fellow teachers. “We are snowing. When someone is in office next to us, we bow our heads nicely and praise the system”, is one of the colleagues' answers.

I watch you complain but you don't know that in all regimes teachers have been oppressed. But I also look at the results now and I want to cry”, answers another member of the group, who states that he has been retired for seven years.

A teacher's opinion, expressed on a Facebook group PHOTO: Facebook

A teacher's opinion, expressed on a Facebook group PHOTO: Facebook

A teacher assessor explained to The Truth how teachers were “convinced” to correct mock papers without being paid. “We were told that those who do not correct now will not be able to assess even in the summer, when the assessment is due. That's right, I didn't get a written document for that”, said the teacher. And the consequence of not paying for this service has already been seen, says the teacher interviewed by “Adevărul”: in the group of evaluators there were also teachers who usually do not participate in the evaluation and, moreover, some of them, who corrected the papers from the simulation at BAC , I don't even teach high school.

The revolt of the unpaid teachers for the assessment from the simulations also revealed the smoldering conflict between the teachers who teach exam subjects and the other office colleagues.
“To give national assessments plus simulations in ALL subjects, if we are still paid the same. I don't think that the only problem with Romanian education is Romanian and mathematics”
writes a teacher.

The answer comes immediately: “Music has one salary, but Romanian and mathematics four salaries, with meditations. No fees, no taxes. It's correct?”. andar from here started a real dispute, the supporters of teachers who help students against the cost, in particular, coming up with an unexpected argument: “And the doctors call the patients from the state to private”.

Leader: “We were told that it falls within the teachers' obligations”

The issue of additional payment for the assessment of the simulation works reached the Ministry of Education, but the answer was not favorable to the teachers.

Since the simulations appeared, we have raised the issue of remuneration for that work, exactly as there are provisions for the actual exams. And it was answered that it enters into obligations. (…) These were the arguments of the ministry, that since these activities take place during the courses, they cannot make a double payment. The problem is that the evaluations are done outside the program,” said the general secretary of the “Spiru Haret” Federation of Education Trade Unions, Prof. Ionel Barbu, for Adevărul.

The leader of the FSE “Spiru Haret” stated instead that he is not aware that the evaluating teachers were informed that if they do not participate in the evaluation of the simulation works, they will no longer be able to register for the evaluation in the summer.