The leaders of the United Right ask the People's Advocate to report to the CCR regarding the OUG for merging the elections

The leaders of the United Right – Cătălin Drula, president of USR, Eugen Tomac, president of PMP, and Ludovic Orban, president of Forţa Dreptei – are to submit to the People's Advocate a request to refer the Constitutional Court regarding the emergency ordinance regarding the merging of local and European parliamentary elections , writes Agerpres.

Images from the launch event of the United Law PHOTO: Inquam Photos / Octav Ganea

The United Right has identified in the ordinance violations of the Constitution, as well as of previous decisions of the CCR, the three political formations specify in an announcement sent on Sunday.

The request will be submitted on Monday, from 11:00 a.m., at the headquarters of the People's Advocate institution, and the three leaders will hold press statements on this occasion.

On March 8, the Government approved, in the extraordinary meeting, the emergency ordinance that triggers the process of simultaneous organization of local elections and for the European Parliament, on June 9.