The damage caused by storms: flooded houses, damaged cars, roofs blown off

Several households were flooded in the north of the country, and the wind tore the roofs off people's houses.

Roof blown by the wind PHOTO ISU Hunedoara

There was an orange flood code in Alba and Bistrita Năsăud and a yellow code in 13 other counties in the northwest of the country. The waters entered several houses and cellars and caused great damage.

In the BISTRIŢA, 26 households were affected by the floods. Firefighters mobilized with motor pumps to remove water from people's yards. The rescue teams' mission was hampered by strong winds.

In the BORŞA, in just a few hours, the rains caused great damage. The water from the slopes swelled the rivers and more than 10 houses were flooded. In Višeu de Sus, the streets were covered with water.

Suceava county is under a strong wind code orange, with gusts reaching 120 kilometers per hour in high mountain areas. Almost the rest of the country is under code yellow. The strong wind caused damage in many areas, where it felled trees and ripped off roofs. In Hunedoara county alone, 5 cars were damaged by the branches and tiles that fell on them.

In Bistrita-Năsăud26 households were flooded, following the rainfall.

Several access roads, as well as 26 households (courtyards and cellars) were flooded, on Monday, in the localities of Căianu Mic and Căianu Mare, due to large amounts of water in the form of precipitation and runoff from the slopes, informs the County Committee for Emergency Situations Bistrita – Năsăud.

Hunedoara: Five cars damaged, seven roofs damaged

Seven roofs were damaged and five cars suffered various damages after several trees fell to the ground due to the strong wind that blew in various areas of Hunedoara county on Monday.

In the municipality Volcano, a roof fell over two cars parked on a street, and another roof was carried by the wind over two other cars, located on another street in the locality. Another tree fell on a car that was parked near a park.

Also in the municipality of Vulcan, two roofs were blown off buildings located on different streets. In the municipality of Lupeni, pieces of the roof of a building, which were dislodged by the gusts of wind, fell on the roof of another building nearby. Another roof collapsed over a local gas pipe. The strong wind broke a tree on Moților street, in Deva, and it fell on the electric current cables.

Also in town
Neag's field, a fallen fir tree snapped the power lines. No localities without electricity were reported. 32 firefighters with 9 special vehicles intervened. Fortunately, only material damage was recorded.

In Sibiuthe strong wind tore trees from their roots, on several streets in Sibiu city, awnings, tiles or roofing sheets from several buildings: houses, blocks of flats, medical offices, churches and other institutions.

Firefighters worked at height PHOTO ISU Sibiu

Firefighters worked at height PHOTO ISU Sibiu

Among the buildings that suffered damage is the Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity in the Great Square of Sibiu, known as the Jesuit Church. The 18th century historical monument building, in the center of Sibiu, was left without part of the roof tiles.

Temperatures will be particularly warm this week for the time we're in, then winter returns. The maximums will reach up to 19 degrees Celsius, according to meteorologists. Although it will be particularly hot, the wind will blow strongly in most areas of the country.