The damage caused to the body by the stress caused by temperature fluctuations. Doctor: “Immune status is declining”

Days with temperatures above 20 degrees are coming, record values ​​for this period, and doctors warn that fluctuations in atmospheric temperature can cause health problems, because the body adapts more difficult.

Unusually warm weather for this period PHOTO shutterstock

According to doctor Alexandru Nechifor, due to temperature fluctuations, the risk of developing some diseases, especially of the respiratory system, such as pneumonia, viruses, flu, can increase.

“The body needs time to adapt to temperature fluctuations. Normally, a healthy body can cope with these changes if they are carried out gradually. On the other hand, those with chronic conditions, especially cardiovascular, children and the elderly have more difficulty in adapting to sudden temperature changes”explains Dr. Nechifor.

According to the doctor, temperature fluctuations increase the risk of triggering some conditions. The forms of chronic degenerative rheumatism can also worsen.

“Immune status decreases and the risk of the occurrence of diseases, especially of the respiratory system, is higher (viruses, flu, pneumonia). Also, we frequently have the worsening of pre-existing conditions: hypertension, bronchial asthma, depression”says the doctor.

At the same time, changes in atmospheric pressure and moisture in the air can cause imbalances in the body, such as states of fatigue, exhaustion and unbearable headaches.

Specialists recommend that we consume as much fruit and vegetables as possible, foods rich in vitamin C and E, magnesium, iron and calcium. Movement can also work wonders: it reduces stress, halves inflammation, releases feel-good hormones, and reduces cardiovascular risks.

Unusually warm weather for this period

According to meteorologists, for the period February 6 – March 4, 2024, at least strange weather is announced, with large temperature fluctuations.

According to the forecast, in the first part of February we will have above average temperatures, while in the second part the temperatures will decrease and we may have an episode of snow.

On Tuesday, February 6, 2024, the city of Bucharest recorded excessively high temperatures for this period, i.e. 19 degrees, ten degrees more than normal.