Barem simulation National evaluation 2024. How are students scored in Mathematics DOCUMENT

The Ministry of Education has published the correction scale for the National Assessment 2024 simulation in Mathematics. The 8th grade graduates had two hours to solve the subjects. The exam started at 09.00 and ended at 11.00.

The students had two hours to solve the topics. Photo source: archive

The first and second subjects were in the form of a grid, while in the third subject the solutions had to be written and argued on the exam paper.

Simulation scale National assessment 2024. Mathematics test

The correction scale was published at 15.00. Practically, from this point on, all students who took the mock National Assessment 2024 know where they went wrong and how they were scored.


The digital platform has never failed

Today, the platform where students' scanned papers are uploaded to be corrected went better than the first day. The Ministry of Education announced, in a press release, that the operation was according to the standards. “The platform intended for digitized evaluation worked according to technical standards throughout the process of uploading the works,” according to the institution. The announcement comes after the first trial of the simulation, teachers complained of traffic jams and long waiting times.

On Wednesday, February 7, the written test for Mother Tongue takes place. The results will be announced on February 23, according to the official calendar.